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USS Kyoto;111713

This vessel was proposed as a joint Federation/Klingon vessel using both governments technology advancements.There were many designs put forward by both Klingon and federation engineers, the KYOTO CLASS was agreed upon. The basic hull geometry is overtly federation this enables high efficiency of the warp fields, creating a fast ship.The vessel is equipped with enhanced impulse engines providing high manoeuvrability at impulse. The Klingons provided hull armouring giving this ship a unique ascetic look.

Effort was made to make this vessel a formidable combat ship, whilst in the past this would have been problematic for the federation in the current climate with so many recent threats to the federation any moral objections were deemed unacceptable. To facilitate this, the ship was outfitted with a combination of federation and Klingon technologies.  A unique shield system was developed which provided high-level protection and far superior regeneration.  Advanced armour provided additional protection.

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USS Dauntless;83505

As seen in the Star Trek: Voyager's S4 ep.26 'Hope & Fear'. The Dauntless come equipped with a working Slipstream Drive. The mesh work is of a higher quality that the old P81/Rick Knox's Dauntless. The textures have been modified to give the Dauntless a more up to date look. You will need the following requirements, Latest Foundation, NanoFX2.0 Beta, Slipstream Framework., As for the Hardpoints. Armed with Photon Torpedoes by Zambie_Zan. She handles like a light cruiser. Officially this is not a Federation Ship. This ship was only a lure to catch the Voyager Crew's attention.

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USS Artemis Bridge;60748

This is the bridge of the USS Artemis, the second Selfridge Class vessel that we recently released. It is a redone of one the great Bridges created by Capt. LC Amaral, Viper Leader, Sneaker98 and KirkNCC1701. It loads as a separate bridge and includes all necessary files except the requirements listed, also comes complete with a variety of new SFX to create a new feeling for this bridge. We hope you enjoy this!

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Deceleration Class Pack;49531

XCV-330 Enterprise

The first Declaration Class ship, been the first starship of its size, was named after NASA's Orbital Shuttle OV-101. Using a warp system based heavily on Vulcan technology, it had a maximum warp speed of warp 1.4

The hull was a standard for ships of its age, and was compost of mostly titatium.

The Enterprise was launched in 2112, and was mainly used to transport people to colonies in the Sol System. In 2114, it was given an assignment to Vulcan. However contact with the ship was lost. What happened is still a mystery.

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USS Artemis - Selfridge Class Mk2;60741

Three years ago the original Selfridge Class suffered from a failed slipstream test and therefore Starfleet engineers were forced to decommission the vessel, however they kept its general design when they constructed the Selfridge A. The success of this vessel proved to be better than expected for Starfleet, and therefore it was decided to re-introduce the original Selfridge design however featuring the tried and tested components of the Selfridge A.

The Selfridge project was re-opened and the U.S.S Artemis, which was originally scheduled to be the second Selfridge Class was constructed. The intention of Starfleet was that ships such as the Artemis would prove to be efficient and reliable vessels that are able to traverse space at higher speeds using slipstream whilst keeping all essential systems. The failures of the original Selfridge had been overcome and a more reliable frigate with the intentions of deep exploration was born.

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Species 8472 Terrasphere;53464

This is a wonderful rendition of the Terrasphere, a station where species 8472 trained it's troops to impersonate humans and high profile facilities. The station is well armed and capable of defending itself against most ships, and utilizes both beam and torpedo weapons.

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Kobayashi Maru

A massive Bridge Commander project, focusing on creativeness new online multiplayer modes and inserting a lot of new ships, bridged, systems and graphical effects into the game


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Icarus Assault Shuttle;50524

The Icarus Class Assault Shuttle was developed as part of Starfleet's new initiative into providing more capable auxiliary vessels in order to fulfill the variety of missions encountered by ships of the Federation. Designed primarily as an assault craft, the Icarus is equipped with both phasers and torpedo tubes. Additionally Starfleet decided to equip Icarus class shuttles with the experimental Tri-Cobalt Mine that is deployed through an aft launcher of the vessel and designed to disable the shields of enemy vessels and allow marines to be transported over quickly. The Tri-Cobalt Mine has been considerably modified since the torpedo variant was banned due the subspace damage they caused and now the Tri-Cobalt warhead no longer possesses the extreme yield which caused subspace damage. This allows the Tri-Cobalt mine to be a suitable weapon for assault craft.

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Aeon Timeship;48112

A one-man 29th-century Federation timeship about six meters long, black in color, which emits a graviton-matrix rift for time travel and has an emergency beam-out system. The Aeon is also equipped with subatomic disruptor weapons however these are not used for primary attack. The Aeon, commanded by Captain Braxton, made a trip to 2373 to destroy the U.S.S. Voyager for presumably causing a temporal disruption that would destroy Earth's solar system in the 29th century. The ensuing encounter led to the Aeon crash-landing on Earth in 1967 and being appropriated by Henry Starling, who used its technology to initiate the computer revolution on Earth and make a huge fortune for himself. In 1996 Starling attempted to take the Aeon back to the 29th century so he could acquire more technology from the future, but Voyager intervened and destroyed the timeship with Starling in it, before he could enter a temporal rift. 

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