Such Textiles Ltd.

As the IT Manager for Such Textiles, I decided that the current Magent-based website was a bit too heavy-handed on our server and was a bit too bulky for our needs. I set about working on a new one and came up with this. The new Such Textiles website is a great showcase of their main products and allows customers to ask questions or request samples of specific products via a fancy CSS3-enhanced contact form. 

The Such Textiles webstie is, in my opinion, a very professional-looking website and is still being worked on. It's in a state where it's stable enough to be live, but there are still some updates in the works. 


  • - Professional-looking design.
  • - Great showcase of products.
  • - Sophisticated back-end.
  • - CSS3-enhanced contact form.
  • - Front-page slider and product image galleries.
  • - New features are easily adapted.