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I’m a big fan of chillis, and love making it in my own way. I wanted to make a more “Christmassy” version so thought about turkey mince. Too add more “Christmas” flavour I settled on an odd ingredient which surprisingly worked: mulled wine…

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Chicken Ramen

My own Chicken ramen dish. I made a really nice broth when making a Chicken & Sweetcorn soup and decided to try using it as a basis for a Ramen dish. I use udon noodles, but any kind of noodle is suitable as…

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Beetroot Orzotto with Halloumi Croutons

One of my favourite vegetarian dishes, and one that is also simple to prepare and cook.

Brazilian Chicken Coxinha

Coxinha is a Brazilian breaded chicken dough with a roast chicken inside. The dough is nice and tender and the roast chicken inside is incredibly tasty. I paired this up with: Salpicao Salad Brazilian Hot Sauce Brazilian Vinaigrette For dessert, I highly recommend…

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Brazilian Vinaigrette

This vinaigrette is actually a kind of salsa. I ended up treating it more as a side and using a spoon rather than as a dip.

Brazilian Hot Sauce

A spicy almost juice-like hot sauce. It has a lot of flavour and you can adjust its hotness to your liking by choice and amount of chillis. The original recipe called for cachaça (a Brazilian drink), but can be substituted by a white…

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Brazilian Coxinhas and Salpicao Salad

Salpicao Salad is a Brazilian chicken and apple salad with fries on top. It is great served as a side for Brazilian Coxinhas. I highly recommend preparing the chicken as per the Coxinha recipe, but pre-cooked chicken can be purchased and used as…

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Takeaway Style Chinese Chicken with Mushrooms

One day I was craving Chicken with Mushrooms from a Chinese, but didn’t know any near me that delivered. I decided to learn how to make and have adjusted the recipe slightly over time. You won’t need anything special for this recipe, just…

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