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Review: Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 Review

Format: PC Source: GamesPass Completion: All businesses/stories, various other events. Forza Horizon 4 starts off extremely promising. Introducing you to a scaled down version of Northern England and Southern Scotland, Horizon 4 features a beautiful landscape with lots to explore. You start off with some simple races before your first showcase: a fantastic set-piece where

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Titanfall 2

Review: Titanfall 2

Format: PC Source: Origin Access Completion: Singleplayer campaign While Titanfall 2 is primarily a multiplayer game, this review will be solely focusing on the solo mode.…

A Way Out Review

Review: A Way Out

Format: PC Source: Origin Access Completion: One full playthrough A game where you play as two prison inmates, Vincent and Leo, A Way Out is a…

Lockdown Games

I plan on doing a short write-up on all the games I’ve played during lockdown. Here’s a list (mostly for my records to remember them) A…