N64 Magazine Game Boy Directory

Here’s a list of reviews for the various Game Boy systems that N64 Magazine and NCG Magazine reviewed. Their Game Boy coverage wasn’t as extensive as the home consoles. These reviews started in N64 Magazine issue 26, inside an in-mag bonus magazine called “Game Boy Planet”. The reviews are scored out of five.

GamePlatformStar RatingIssueSnippet
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DXGBC526If you can’t get hold of The Legend of Zelda on the N64, or f you’ve whizzed through it and finished it in double quick time, this is the next best thing. It really is that good. Go out and get it. Now.
Tetris DXGBC526It’s slightly ‘looser’ tan the original, making it a bit easier to rack up a 200+ line score, and the chrome effect of the colour screen makes it look gorgeous when the backgrounds change every 50 lines. Buy it.
The Smurf’s NightmareGBC426It’s big, pretty, and quite engrossing when you get into it. Shame about the lack of password save points within the levels, but you can’t have everything.
KlustarGBC326Tricky and a bit gimmicky, but certainly smarter than the average Trtris clone.
Mortal Kombat 4GBC126If you don’t finish it one your first go, it’ll be because you turned it off after the second bout. Utter rot.
RugratsGBC426It’s the kind of game they’ll probably be selling as cinemas when the film comes out, wne we reckong they’ll clean up if us Brits go even half as Rugrat crazy as the Yanks have. Thumbs up!
Rampage World TourGBC126The graphics are too small and indistinct, the music is annoying, the gameplay is repetitive… It’s all a bit of a waste of cash and batteries really.
Sylvester and TweetyGBC326The graphics are sharp, colourful and smooth, but we’d have been a lot more interested to see a Game Boy conversion of Head Over Heels or Nightshade. How about it?
Game & Watch Gallery 2GBC426So don’t expect to find any subtle secret techniques – there arent’ any. It is strangely addictive though, and it’s all presented with a typically sparkling Nintendo sheen.
Oddworld AdventuresGB126One for Oddworld lovers only, and then only on a ‘try efore you buy’ basis.
Harvest MoonGBC527If it all sounds too much like hard work you can let the little harvest goblins take care of the ranch while your GB is switched off, but we wouldn’t advice it – they only tend to mess things up, and besides, you really wouldn’t want to miss a single thing.
HexciteGBC327It’ll either grab you right from the start, or leave you cold.
NFL BlitzGBC127Don’t bother, even fi you’re a big fan of the arcade machine.
Wario Land 2GBC527Plus, it all looks and sounds superb, making Wario Land 2 an essential purchase for your Game Boy Color.
Kirby’s Pinball LandGB527Not to mention the challenge of trying to light up every bonus and grab the top spot on the score table. Hypnotic.
Looney TunesGBC428We like this game. It’s big and pretty, even if it isn’t exactly difficult, and it’s a fine demonstration of the power of the GB Color.
V-RallyGBC228Nothing could have saved V-Rally from mediocrity, short of rewriting the game code and giving the cars decent handling (or any sort of handling at all, for that matter).
Shanghai PocketGBC428Ideal train journet entertainment, then, and when the rules of the game finally click you’ll have the pleasure of feeling immeasurably superior to all your fellow travellers.
A Bug’s LifeGBC128Not that many people will bother. If you’re ever given a copy of A Bug’s Life by a games-illiterate relative as a birthday present, punch them in the face and demand they cough up the receipt too.
NBA JamGBC328Good mindless fun, for a while, and there certainly aren’t many better basketball games on Game Boy.
Bugs and Lola: Operation CarrotsGBC328Platforming by numbers it may be, but it’s a nice enough diversion ofr rabbit lovers amd Warner Bors fanatics. That’s all, folks.
The Final Fantasy LegendGB328Although it’s showing its age now (even for a GB game), it’s still a great adventure.
The Final Fantasy Legend IIGB528The graphics are sharper and the combat has been tweaked until it shines.
The Final Fantasy Legend IIIGB428With a complex time-travel tale to tell, FF Legend III isn’t quite as imaginative as II but it’s still a fantastic purchase.
Final Fantasy Adventure (Mythic Quest)GB428Zelda apart, this is the best action-RPG you can get on the GB. The quest is long and involving and the controls are easy to get to grips with.
Joust / DefenderGBC429Consider a GB Pocket as the bare minimum required to run both games, as the tiny graphics need a very sharp screen.
720°GBC429It’s a great piece of entertainment in 20-minute slices. Now all we wand is an N64 conversion please, if you don’t mind.
Quest for CamelotGBC329It’s more than competent though, and if you’re looking for a birthday pressie for a young fan of the cartoon, you could do a lot worse.
Holywood PinballGBC229So the final analysis has to be that it’s a bit boring really and there are nowhere near enough bonuses or hidden features to keep you playing through all seven tables.
Pokémon PinballGBC530All of which means this is well worth getting in. Recommended.
Mario DXGBC530Everyone in the entire world ever must have played Mario Bros before, but there’s enough new stuff here to make this an essential purchase. Plus you can play it on the train.
Top Gear RallyGBC330A brave effort, but nothing special.
DropzoneGBC430Yup, Dropzone’ll keep you going on the bus home at night.