N64 PC Port Directory

With an increase in PC ports for N64 games, I’m going to try to maintain a list of all Nintendo 65 games with a PC port. I will be including official remasters as well as fan made ports, listing the following about them:

  • Official: If the port is officially licensed
  • Modern Port: Some ports currently available are made for modern systems, others are re-releases of old ports and may not work well on modern PCs.
  • Similar to N64: Some games released on different platforms are quite different in terms of level design and features. This will denote that, rather than additional features added to a modern port. If this is yes, the port will have a comparable experience to the N64 game.
  • Recommended: My personal recommendation on if the port is worth it over emulation. This is not a recommendation of the game itself.
  • Link: A link to the main page of the project, or a store link, usually GoG.

If I’ve missed any, please leave a comment.

NameOfficialModern PortSimilar to N64RecommendedNotesLink
Super Mario 64NoYesYesYesLots of optional graphical and gameplay features, including camera.sm64pc.info
Turok: Dinosaur HunterYesYesYesYesNightdrive remaster, lots of features.GOG
DOOM 64YesYesYesYesNightdrive remaster, lots of features. This is specifically the unique N64 DOOM game.
Quake 64YesYesYesYesThe N64 version of the game is in add-ons, use r_crtmode 0 in the command console to disable CRT filter.GOG
Forsaken 64YesYesNoNoNightdrive remaster of PC/PS version. N64 levels are bonuses, lacks some N64 specific features. Forsaken
GloverYesYesYesNoSteam reviews report a lot of issues with this port.Steam
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeNoYesYesYesLots of optional features, including camera control.ShipOfHarkinian
Turok 2: Seeds of EvilYesYesYesYesNightdrive remaster, lots of features.GOG
Command & ConquerYesYesNoYesRemastered version of the original PC version – N64 version was in 3D and had some unique levels.Steam
Quake IIYesYesYesYesNightdrive remaster, lots of features. N64 version selectable from menu.GOG
Re-VoltNoYesYesYesThe original game with nicer graphics, optional pack for Dreamcast extras plus mods.RVGL
Shadow ManYesYesYesYesNightdrive remaster, lots of features. Extra levels based on original design documents.GOG
Battlezone: Rise of the Black DogsYesYesNoYesRemake of original PC version, N64 version had unique story and levels not in this remake.Steam
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s MaskNoYesYesYesSome extra features, more planned.GitHub
Tony Hawk’s Pro SkaterYesYesYesYesFull remake but same levels, compilation of 1 & 2.Steam
Perfect DarkNoYesYesYesLots of extra optionsGitHub
Starcraft 64YesYesNoUnsureRemake of original PC version, lacks N64 levels.Battle.net
Turok 3: Shadow of OblivionYesYesYesYesNightdrive remaster, lots of features.GOG
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2YesYesYesYesFull remake but same levels, compilation of 1 & 2.Steam
Mortal Kombat TrilogyYesNoNoNoOld Port that appears to have issues on modern PCs.GOG
Star Wars: Shadows of the EmpireYesNoYesNoHas FMV cutscenes, but difficult to get running at higher resolution and poor controller supportGOG
HexenYesNoYesYesThe original version of the game.GOG
Dark RiftYesNoYesNoIssues running on modern PCsGOG
Sim City 2000YesNoNoYesOriginal version of the game, Japan-only N64 version had some odd extra stuff.GOG
Extreme G-2YesNoYesNoPoor campatibility with modern PCs, no analogue control.Steam
Starshot: Space Circus FeverYesNoYesNoPoor compatibility with modern systems, no controller support.Steam
Star Wars: Rogue SquadronYesNoYesNoPoor resolution and controller options.GOG
Star Wars Episode I: RacerYesNoYesNoPoor support for modern PCs – this is not the modern remaster available on consoles. Play that instead.GOG
Earthworm Jim 3DYesNoYesNoA re-release of an already buggy PC port, now running worse on modern PCsSteam
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow SixYesNoNoNoOriginal PC version with different levels, poor compatibility on modern PCsGOG
Worms ArmageddonYesNoNoYesOriginal PC version with a ton of extra stuff added over time.Steam
DaikatanaYesNoNoYesPlay with unofficial 1.3 mod.GOG
Indiana Jones and the Infernal MachineYesNoNoUnsureOriginal PC version, N64 version had gameplay and camera changes.Steam