Carcassonne: Day One

The view from near the gates.

A year ago, me and my amazing girlfriend went on holiday to a city in the south of France called Carcassonne. It started out as a joke, with me saying we should go there in order to play the board game Carcassonne there, but once we saw photos of the area, we discovered that it looked stunning: a large fortified medieval city.

The first port of call was the apartment we had rented, we chose it because it was quite cheap and near the city, and it was actually really nice, and offered a view of some of the towers of the city.

As it was the afternoon, we decided to just explore the city a little bit.

The bridge into Cité Médiévale
The outer path between the walls.
The gateway into Carcassonne
Pick N Mix!
A statue of someone in a square

Next up was the important choice of food. We went to a restaurant called Auberge de Dame Carcas. One thing we quite liked was that most places had a “set menu” with a few choices, which made it clear how much you would be spending. Louise chose duck pate, half a piglet and a cheese board while I went with a platter salad, duck cassoulet and a trio of desserts.

Duck cassoulet is amazing: it’s a confit duck with pork sausage in a meaty haricot bean casserole. It’s a recipe that I had to find and make again once I got home.

After this, it had gotten dark, so we had another walk around before heading back to our apartment.

Carcassonne at night
The square we ate at
The street back to the entrance.
The entrance at night
The towers lit up
Pigeons on a wall statue
The outer wall
Carcassonne lit up at night

If you want to see the images in higher quality, check out the Google album

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