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Brazilian Chicken Coxinha

Coxinha is a Brazilian breaded chicken dough with a roast chicken inside. The dough is nice and tender and the roast chicken inside is incredibly tasty. I paired this up with: Salpicao Salad Brazilian Hot Sauce Brazilian Vinaigrette For dessert, I highly recommend…

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Brazilian Coxinhas and Salpicao Salad

Salpicao Salad is a Brazilian chicken and apple salad with fries on top. It is great served as a side for Brazilian Coxinhas. I highly recommend preparing the chicken as per the Coxinha recipe, but pre-cooked chicken can be purchased and used as…

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Takeaway Style Chinese Chicken with Mushrooms

One day I was craving Chicken with Mushrooms from a Chinese, but didn’t know any near me that delivered. I decided to learn how to make and have adjusted the recipe slightly over time. You won’t need anything special for this recipe, just…

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