Games of the Generation | 10: Titanfall 2

To some people, Titanfall 2 is a multiplayer game. So I’d just like to point out that I didn’t touch the multipalyer at all. This game is here purely based on the singleplayer.

You control a soldier who ends up with a “Titan” – a mech with its own AI system. You play the game both inside and outside the mech, and both are fun to do. Inside the mech, you feel very powerful, with strong weapons and melee attacks. Outside of the Titan and you get to experiences’ the games movement mechanics – with lots of fluid wall jumping and double jumping that makes Mirror’s Edge feel stiff and rigid.

The main story itself is fairly bare bones, the biggest part is the relationship between you and the Titan, who has a great personality and feels like a great friend. Level design is also amazing, with each level having a varied look and managing to use you and the Titan in interesting ways – some levels are Mech focused, some are pilot focuses, others use both in different ways. It means that the game always feels fresh throughout the campaign.

The levels are fun at the worst. Two levels are beyond outstanding – one played along an assembly line and one introducing an amazing mechanic which is best left for people to discover on their own.

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