Games of the Generation | 13: Batman: Arkham Knight

Following on from the amazing Arkham Asylum was a tough act to follow. City missed the mark, but Knight managed to be a wonderful game – even if it is very different to Asylum.

Arkham Knight takes place over one (extremely busy) night, with a plot involving Scarecrow and a mysterious “Arkham Knight”. Add in a brilliant personal plot for Batman, and Arkham Knight has a great story. One neat thing is that the support cast will say that something may take time – giving a good excuse to focus on side missions (you’re not forced to, it’s just nice to have a reason put into the story).

Moving around Arkham city feels great, using the grappling hook and gliding with the cape. One you level up some stuff, some journeys are faster than using the Batmobile (or BatTank). Combat feels extremely solid, and the sections of the game where you control both Batman and one of the support characters and swap between them are amazingly good fun.

I also enjoyed the tank combat, although the tank was best when used in conjunction with puzzles. Other than a couple of disappointing bosses, I didn’t feel like the tank was overused, either – a good balance of both gameplay types.

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