Games of the Generation | 16: Tell Me Why

Some video game stories are about grand adventures, saving the world and all sorts of epic, massive things. Tell Me Why is about a brother and a sister looking into their past in their small Alaskan town.

The siblings, Ronan and Alyson prepare their old house for sale – a house where Ronan had killed their mother at, thinking that she was about to murder him due to hating that her “daughter” identified as a boy. He ended up in a special prison, and had only just been released. As they search through their house, they discover things that imply that their memories of the incident may not have been what it seems.

Throughout three chapters, you progress through their investigation, learn more about the people in town and go through a very personal story – something that seems quite rare in video games. The mystery is compelling and has a good pay-off at the end.

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