Games of the Generation | 18: Days Gone

I ignored this initially when it came out, thought I’d try it due to PS Now and I was very surprised by how good Days Gone is.

Days Gone is an open world zombie game set a few years after a zombie apocalypse and is set in Oregon. You play as a biker who is planning on heading north to try and find a better life when circumstances causes him to stay put. The story starts off slow, but gets really interesting at the end – with one of the hidden endings making me very curious about a possible sequel.

You can encounter massive hordes of zombies here. Literally hundreds at once – I think the biggest I encountered was somewhere between 400 and 500, although there are also a lot of smaller groups around. You’ll also be fighting other survivors and a few wild animals (and some zombie versions of wild animals). Thankfully, these will fight each other and there’s something very satisfying about clearing an area of enemies by luring zombies over to do your job for you.

The weather in this game is also amazing. The first time it snowed, I didn’t actually notice the ground becoming snow straight away because it just felt extremely natural. The rain looks amazing, too, with the ground getting wet and muddy areas turning into mud. It’s the most realistic weather I’ve seen in a game and it looks amazing due to how it makes the actual ground around you look so different.

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