Games of the Generation | 19: Until Dawn

A choose your own adventure horror game with a wide cast of characters, including Brett Dalton from Agents of SHIELD (grr!).

A bunch of 19 year olds (although as the characters faces are based on older actors, they don’t look like teenagers…then again, that usually is the case in horror films) have a gathering at a lodge in the middle of the woods, one where one of them lost his two sisters the previous year. Tensions are high as people aren’t as friendly with each other a year earlier.

Naturally, people start going missing. Throughout the game you swap between the different characters, making conversations options and making choices. The results of some won’t be apparent until much later in the game – for example, a choice to shoot a bird has a disastrous outcome a few hours later. At the end of each chapter, you can see why things happened, so it doesn’t seem random.

While difficult, it’s possible for everyone to live (although for one person, living is sort of the bad outcome for them). It’s also possible for absolutely everyone to die – although you sort of have to be trying to make that happen.

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