Games of the Generation | 2: Super Mario Odyssey

Since Super Mario 64, other Mario platformers haven’t quite tickled the same itch. Super Mario Odyssey brought back that feeling of joy while also adding so much more.

The levels are the main point of this. Not only are they varied themes, but each one has its own visual style. This could have come across terribly if not done properly (especially as elements from these worlds appear in others), but there’s something about how Odyssey handles it that just works.

Mario’s movements feel as fluid as ever, with his new hat, Cappy, providing even more ways to move and jump around. On top of this, Cappy also allows Mario to possess any non-hatted creature, all with unique abilities and ways to move. This makes the 880 moons in Odyssey all fun to collect (apart from two), with location hints available for tracking down the last few without needing a guide.

It’s a wonderful game that immensely pleasing to play from start to finish.

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