Games of the Generation | 21: Detroit: Become Human

The idea of androids/robots gaining sentience, wanting freedom and rebelling isn’t exactly a new one, so the interesting stuff is in how it’s handled. In Detroit: Become Human, you play as three characters, who each have their own part to play in the recolution.

Connor is an android detective. His job is to investigate android with signs of being “deviant” – those that express emotions, self awareness or that disobey orders. He’s partnered with a detective that hate androids, although depending on your actions, you could end up as buddies.

Kara was bought to be a housekeeper. Upon discovering the father beating his daughter, she breaks programming to stop it and decides to flee with the girl, and tries to escape to Canada, encountering some friends and enemies along the way.

Markus is living a fancy life, essentially being treated as a son by a rich artist. During a burglary at the house, someone gets hurt and Markus is blamed, waking up in a junkyard of android. He finds his was to a safe haven and starts the revolution fully.

All three stories are extremely interesting, with lots of emotional moments. although Connor’s detective parts are definitely the best due to having more moments where you have to think and solve issues.

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