Games of the Generation | 24: Stardew Valley

A farming game that looks simple on the surface, but has a lot to it. You start the game having inherited an old farm. It’s a bit of a mess, so you’ll have to clear land and start planting your first crops.

Each day, you’ll need to check on your farm and make sure everything is watered (unless it’s raining). As you progress you’ll unlock tools to make expanding easier – such as sprinklers that will water plants for you. Once you’ve done what you want to on the farm, there’s a village to explore.

Here you’ll meet a range of colourful characters, you can chat with them and some will have questlines to go though – some of them could even lead to marriage! There’s a larger questline involving a wizard and magic, a mystery regarding a chain shop, fishing and more.

If that’s not enough, there’s a massive cave system to explore, filled with monsters and treasure. Don’t forget to take a sword with you. The game is also still getting updates, with a local multiplayer option being added soon – this game could be a great game for couples.

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