Games of the Generation | 25 :Watch Dogs 2

The second Watch Dogs features a new main character and city, the wonderful San Francisco. It has a friendlier cast of characters, the city is much brighter and the game itself has more humour and just feels like a much happier game.

The on-foot gameplay is much improved, too. There are more non-lethal options and you have an RC car and drone to help you do your bidding, both of which are extremely satisfying to use. You can also use hacks to make people targets for police or gangs, so you can cause huge fights as a distraction, or just target people who annoy you (if anyone dies, it’s not though my hands).

There are a lot of fun side quests as well, including one where you have to hack into Ubisoft and leak a game trailer to the public (this was supposed to be an actual trailer, but the game was later cancelled).

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