Games of the Generation | 26: The Jackbox Party Pack 3

The Jackbox are amusing party games where they answer prompts/questions (or sometimes draw) on their phones in conjunction with what the screen tells them too (it’s aimed at playing locally, but you can stream and have others join in remotely. Three great game are in this pack:

Trivia Murder Party is basic trivia questions, but set in a hotel owned by a serial killer. The questions themselves aren’t “spooky”, but after each question, the people who got it wrong take part in deadly mini games. Die and you become a ghost, but you can still answer questions and potentially win if you do well in the final round.

Quiplash is just a really simple game of making your friends laugh. People are given prompts (each prompt is given to two people) and people have to come up with a funny answer. These are then compared and everyone picks their favourite. In jokes between friends are great for this.

Fakin It is my personal favorite. Each round there are three prompts that requires people to put up their hand (to say yes), hold up a number of fingers or point at another player in response to a prompt (such as “Have you ever had a speeding ticket?”, “Who most looks like Tom Cruise?”). One player doesn’t get this prompt and has to fake their answer and possibly justify it. People then vote on who the spy is – if they can’t figure it out after three questions, the spy wins.

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