Games of the Generation | 29: Mario Kart 8

Most likely the best Mario Kart game so far, Mario Kart 8 has incredibly solid gameplay, with an amazing visual style and a wonderful jazzy soundtrack. The big addition to this game is “anti gravity”, which makes for some amazing looking levels that twist and turn all over the place.

The racing feels extremely well thought out. Physics change slightly when in “anti-grav” mode, where hitting other players will provide a short speed boost, yet moving between the two – along with underwater and glider modes – is incredibly fluid and you don’t really have to think about changing, it all comes natural.

The weapons are a good set, and this Mario Kart makes a great change to the items: if you hold an item behind you, it still counts as having an item. This means that you now have to think carefully if you want to drop an item before picking up an item box, as you may end up with something you can’t defend yourself with, which adds to the strategy of the game.

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