Games of the Generation | 31: Infamous: Second Son

Continuing on from the Infamous games on the PS3, Second Son puts us in the hands of a new character. Delsin Rowe discovers that he is a “conduit” when he encounters someone with Smoke abilities only to discover his own ability: he can copy the abilities of other conduits.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock more powers, all feel quite different and you can switch between them by draining a related power source (which is needed to fill the power bar for the abilities). Smoke has a lot of jumping around, and can potentially be very aggressive (although there are abilities designed to subdue rather than kill).

The neon ability is an absolute joy. It’s the closest you’ll get to great gameplay as a “speedster” type superhero (such as The Flash), running at great speeds and shooting light. It’s really satisfying just moving around Seattle with this power.

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