Games of the Generation | 34: Watch_Dogs

I wasn’t expecting much from Watch_Dogs, I got it for free at some point but didn’t get round to playing it until much later. I found myself rather impressed with it, even if it does have some flaws.

The driving and car chases in Watch_Dogs are thrilling and highly entertaining, possibly the best I’ve seen in this kind of game. The hacking while driving also adds to this, as the system is simple enough to use efficiently, even at high speeds. Escaping from the police also feels a bit more natural than games like GTA, encouraging hiding rather than escaping a circle (unless you abuse boats, that is).

The profiler is great to use. The “crime predictor” is fun to have as a side thing, even if its a bit of the same thing repeatedly, it’s just nice to be able to save random people. Listening in on people’s texts, calls and video feeds is also a satisfying thing to do.

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