Games of the Generation | 36: Super Mario Maker

This is a strange one for me. I’m personally not a big fan of 2D Mario games, yet I absolutely adored Super Mario Maker. It felt like a really friendly and happy game, a celebration of Mario and a game with a great feeling of community spirit.

Using the Wii U gamepad, you could design levels on the touch screen while being able to look up for a better view of it on the TV. For playing levels, you could play random levels, follow creators or search for levels – there was also a website that you could use to send levels to your Wii U, allowing for people to easily share their creations and create collections of levels.

The Miiverse was also integrated into the game extremely well, letting people comment on levels, some of which even show up inside the levels themselves. The Amiibo outfits were also a ton of fun and there were lots of little secrets that added to the charm.

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