Games of the Generation | 37: Planet Zoo

Similar on how Two Point Hospital took inspiration from Theme Hospital, Planet Zoo is like a modern Zoo Tycoon. However, instead of just being a new version of the original, Planet Zoo feels like its own game, with the main focus being on the animals themselves.

The animals all look amazing, they move and act extremely well, have babies, grow up and (sadly die). They can get ill if you’re not keeping their habitat clean, and keeping them happy is a major important point. While you can just plonk down the requirements of the animal and some basic fences, it’s also possible to create some amazingly elaborate habitats with the building tools in the game – or just download bluepirnts that others have made.

For a management sim, the rain and snow also look very impressive, with attention to detail regarding places that would be sheltered. The campaign mode is also well done, with lots of options for creating your own from scratch, to a sandbox mode with unlimited funds.

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