Games of the Generation | 40 No Man’s Sky

Talk about a tale of redemption. I stayed clear of this initially as some warning signs were going off in my head. It promised so much and then came out as a mess of a game and broken promises.

Over time, though, Hello Games have worked to bring all the promised features and more. It’s now a great exploration game in a colossal universe, where you can fly and land on any part of the billions and billions of planets, encountering randomly generated animals and a good range of different kinds of planets.

There’s a main story that utilises the procedurally generated objects, and is cleverly done so the game is never missing anything vital in your starting area (which is different in every area). It’s possible to encounter places discovered by other players, but even now it’s a rarity unless you visit featured locations and bases – of which you can build your own vast structures.

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