Games of the Generation | 5: Splatoon 2

While I got this game a bit late to enjoy most of the Splatfests, I still massively enjoyed Splatoon 2. A lot of that due to the Octo Expansion.

The core gameplay is just as fantastically crazy as the first game, with extra additions in the form of weapons, more interactive/moving arenas and extra mode. The best of which is Salmon Run, a co-op mode where you encounter waves of creatures with a wide range of “boss creatures” which all require different tactics – it’s a brilliant mode and somehow the co-op works great even with virtually no communication.

The regular single-player is similar to the first game, going through a bunch of challenges. There’s some good variety and a great final boss (again). The Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion steps things up big time.

You play as an Octoling – typically an enemy of the Inklings – who is woken up from brainwashing by music (or is it the Inklings who are causing the brainwashing? – it’s not really clear who the good guys are) and has to get out of the testing grounds you find yourself in. These tests take the form of 80 challenges, more difficult than the regular singleplayer but very rarely feeling unfair.

These challenges also feel very varied, lots focusing on single aspects of the game, particular weapons, grinding, special weapons, some platform, some puzzle, some combat focused. The levels also look strange but in a stunning way, some wonderfully bizarre (like a level with loads of GameCubes floating in the background).

This then ends with some spectacular levels as you escape the lab, and a stunning final level. All of this matched by some wonderful funky music. You’ll also find out more about the lore behind Splatoon, which is actually set in the future, after humans have messed up the world and become extinct.

The first Splatoon was a great multiplayer game. Splatoon 2 with the Octo Expansion expands on that and delivers an amazing singleplayer experience alongside it.

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