Games of the Generation | 7: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Post-apocalyptic robot dinosaurs. It sounds fun but incredibly silly…yet Horizon: Zero Dawn not only takes it seriously, but actually pulls it off in a way that makes complete sense, too.

You play as Aloy, who was made an outcast from her tribe as a baby, raised by another outside. She doesn’t know why, but wants to improve herself, so sets her task on completing the Nora Brave trials before embarking on a quest, looking into why the mechanical creatures seem to be getting more powerful and agressive.

You will fight plenty of humans, but the main joy is with the creatures. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some are instantly aggressive while others are docile…until you attack. As you fight them, you’ll learn more about their weak spots, enabling you to aim for specific weak points with specific arrows/weapons. Most of the time you’ll want to use the bow – because bows are just a ton of fun to use – but there are a variety of weapons, including one for setting rope traps.

Some of the larger robot creatures will seem daunting at first and you’ll definitely want to run away, but once you have better equipment and learn how all the different creatures act, you’ll be able to take on multiple at once.

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