Games of the Generation | 9: Marvel’s Spider-Man

Movement can make or break an open world game. If navigating the world is not fun, it’s hard to get into the game. Spider-Man delivers massively on that front. Web slinging across New York is easy, but there are still ways to master it to be more efficient. There are small moves that Peter Parker can use to go faster, and using these with the right “rhythm” to go with the upcoming rooftops and buildings makes the web slinging not only fun, but also keeps it interesting. The “fast travel 5 times” achievement was my last one because moving around is just so much fun.

Combat can be stealthy or all out brawling, with some fights being massive. That said, it rarely feel overwhelming, getting good combos will let you use a special ability, good for taking out multiple people at once. Using the area around you is vital as you need to control the battlefield – just rushing to the middle will get yourself killed.

The various special abilities are linked to the many different suits that you can unlock, all from various forms of Spider-man media like comics and films. Once unlocked, these abilities can be paired with any other suit, so you never have to use a suit you don’t like just for an ability. The cel-shaded suits also look phenomenal.

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