Quick Review: Exo One

  • Version Played: Xbox Series S

A game with very unique movement. You play as a strange alien spaceship – created by humans after aliens sent the designs to them following a failed space expedition resulting in the loss of lives.

The “ship” is a ball with the unique ability of increasing gravity for itself, using this you can increase your momentum as you jump over hills to get to the next strange alien tower, which slingshots you to the next planet. Another ability is a temporary glide, as the ship squishes itself into a disk to allow for increasing your jumps. It feels really odd at first, but as you get used to it, you can get some amazing height and speed.

The game features a “found footage” look and is extremely stylish, with some vast levels that look phenomenal, and some really fun ideas for planets. It’s not a long game, but is a really unique and interesting experience.

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