Quick Review: Ori and the Blind Forest

  • Version Played: Xbox Series S

Sadly, this was not a nice experience to play. It looks brilliant, and plays fantastically, but has one really massive flaw: enemies and obstacles blend in with the background and are extremely difficult for me to see. I couldn’t find a lot online about other people having the issue, so I presume it’s a colourblind issue.

As a result of this, I died a lot, and ended up using most of my energy on saving the same (you can save at any point by placing down a marker).

It’s a shame as the graphics are quite beautiful (when I can make them out), and the movement is really fluid. There’s a Pixar-like charm to the story and the abilities are a lot of fun. I pushed through with the frustrations mainly because I hoped that the second game wouldn’t have the same issues.

There’s a really good game hidden here, it’s just that I literally can’t see it.

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