Quick Review: TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

  • Version Played: Xbox Series S (Backwards compatible)

While I thought that TimeSplitters 2 didn’t age that well, I had an extremely enjoyable experience with Future Perfect, due to its extremely humorous and enjoyable story.

I never realised how many jokes and references were in the game when I first played Future Perfect, and it’s nice to have a time travel story that’s just having a ton of fun with the concept without thinking too much about it. In the first main level, you encounter a locked door when you from the future passes you the key. Later on, you find your past self and give the key back to yourself. There are instances in most levels where your past and future selves interact, letting you play a set piece from different perspectives.

The main character – Cortex – has much more of a personality this time, as he stays as himself in this game, interacting with characters in each time zone. The voice acting and dialogue is very entertaining to listen to, and the levels themselves have some fun settings.

The levels don’t have the same objective structure as TimeSplitters 2, instead you progress a bit at a time. There are still objectives to complete, it’s just that you can’t get much further through the level without completing it. One level has some stealth segments, but if you mess up, you can still shoot your way through everyone. Because of this, the objectives, while not presented in the same way, feel much more dynamic and part of the level itself.

As with TimeSplitters 2, there’s also a lot of challenges, multiplayer modes and mapmaker stuff to keep yourself busy with.

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