Review: Deeeer Simulator

  • Version Played: Xbox Series S

Taking the “broken physics” style of video game comedy and combining it with more over the top randomness, Deeeer Simulator is a crazy utterly nonsense game. Games like Goat Simulator have pulled this off in an amusing way, while other games like Surgeon Simulator have purposefully bad controls being the source of humour.

Deeeer Simulator is just…random. It’s not particularly funny, and it’s not all that fun to play. You play as a human that has been transformed into a deer, and the main “aim” is to cause enough damage to attract waves of cops, then defeat them to unlock a boss. Most of this is done by collecting weapons, which all stack up (the first time this happens is one of the few moments which can cause a smirk, due to how they all just attach to parts of the deer). As you collect more of the same weapon, it increases in power, so you’ll get more and more powerful as you destroy stuff.

You’ll get attacked by police (which is the one part which has some actual creative designs), dispatching a few waves will unlock the boss.

Repeat this for the second level, and then defeat one final boss and…you’re done. Game completed.

You can mess around a bit in levels, play with some vehicles and the like, complete some terrible mini-games (which are so poorly coded that playing them resets the level), and kill some optional bosses, but none of it feels fun or compelling. The game itself is just slow and clunky, and most of the humour just seems like they got a kid to say some random words and threw it together.

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