Review: Globulos Party (DSi)

Hidden deep within the green, green grass of each and every garden – yes, even your garden – is a secret society of colourful creatures in need of a new leader. The current kind, GlobulBoss, is getting old and has arranged the tournament and only the most skilled GlobZ will become triumphant and earn their place as supreme ruler of the garden.

The GlobZ, you see, are small ball-like creatures that love to roll around and play. Their love of playing transcends from simple arenas to a wide variety of sports that the GlobZ have adapted from watching us humans play. In this community of equality, you may pick any GlobZ of any two colours and genders to represent them in battle.

On the field of play, the GlobZ’ master decides their tactics using their mystical stylus. An arrow is dragged from each of the GlobZ (most games involve three GlobZ per team) to determine the direction the Glob will move in and the power they use in their movement. Once each team is ready (or run out of time) then the GlobZ will dash about the way they were told, bouncing off each other, rebounding off walls or falling into pits.

The majority of the activities will involve pushing the opposing GlobZ or a special object (be it a Football, Basketball or Hockey Puck) into pits. Alas, a lot of these activities are really similar (such as the aforementioned three) but there are a few unique games to mix things up a bit. There are twenty activities and 61 arenas in total – each arena contains three challenges so is a lot of time for you to spend with your GlobZ.

The cream of the crop are the bowls (and it’s reverse activity where you have to avoid being closest to the monster Glob), rally and the basic arena. There is a lot of simple fun to be had playing in the garden with your new found friends. If you have a mate with you, you can combat each other by passing-and-playing with your magic book or send signals though the air using a second one. Mind you, you have to be close to each other for it to work.

Globulos Party is a game made full of love, and is good simple fun. The GlobZ are charming and there are plenty of modes and events. At 500 Points it would be a good buy, but unfortunately it’s hard to completely recommend it when the GlobZ team have a flash version of the game running on their website. What’s even worse for the DSiWare version is that the flash game is online, which this is lacking. So play the flash game and if you want to take it with you then Globulous Party is a great companion to it.

Graphics 4/5
Sound 3/5
Gameplay 3/5
Playability 4/5
Livespan 4/5

Very cute
Simple to play
Single-DS multiplayer

Lackluster music
Lots of repat modes
It’s free elsewhere

Final Verdict:
Ignoring the flash version, Globulos Party is a pleasant game with a decent amount of modes and events. Its simple nature makes it perfect for a quick play every now and then.


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