Review: Kill it with Fire

  • Release date: 13th August 2020
  • Version Played: Xbox Series S
  • Completion: All objectives and challenges

Kill it with Fire is an absurd and over the top game about killing spiders. It starts off nice and simple, before descending into complete madness.

One interesting thing about Kill it with Fire is that the spiders are just spiders – there are some different types such as ones that jump, or queen ones that release young when killed and some that shoot webs, but there’s no venomous spiders, they can’t hurt you at all. I personally love this about the game, as it delves into one key aspect of arachnophobia, which is an illogical fear as spiders can’t hurt you (fearing venomous spiders isn’t a phobia, as there’s a valid reason to fear them).

Each level will have a list of objectives such as killing certain kinds of spiders, killing them in specific ways, destroying or moving specific objects. You have to discover these objectives by finding them through the level, but if you happen to complete the objective before finding it, then it will be revealed and marked as completed.

Weapons start from a clipboard, hairspray (with lighter) and a pistol, and throughout the levels you will find assault rifles, C4, hedge trimmers, frying pans and more. There are a few non-aggressive items such as cheese puffs (which serves as a lure but can also change spider type), energy drinks and flashbangs.

The game is short, which works for a game like this as it doesn’t overstay its welcome. It doesn’t do anything mind blowing, but is simply entertaining and amusing.

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