Review: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

After not enjoying Ori and the Blind Forest due to issues seeing things in the game, I went into Will of the Wisps hoping that I wouldn’t have the same issues…and thankfully I did not. The graphical style in Will of the Wisps is stunning, with great usage of shadows and light, which made identifying enemies far easier to do.

With this issue sorted, I was able to appreciate the game itself. Will of the Wisps is a fantastic Metroidvania game – where you have a massive map looking for upgrades that let you reach new areas. I enjoyed hunting for collectibles and hidden secrets, and just exploring as much as possible before moving on.

The movement mechanics are also spectacular. Ori is quick and nimble, as you’ll unlock more moves which gives you more movement options. Stringing together multiple types is immensely fluid and feels extremely rewarding. Simply getting from point A to point B is incredibly good fun, and they fit a lot of options onto a controller in a way where you don’t have to constantly think what button does what.

Combat is also much improved. Instead of just tapping A to have a wisp attack for you, you now have a range of abilities that you can attach to three button slots. You can mix and march as you prefer, and changing them is easy through a quick selection menu, letting you find a layout you like, but letting you quickly change if you require a certain ability.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is an absolutely wonderful game.

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