Review: The Gardens Between

  • Release date: 20th Sep 2018
  • Platform Played: Xbox Series S
  • Completion: All levels completed

The Gardens Between is a short but sweet puzzle game all about manipulating time, while living through the memories of two children as one is about to move away.

You don’t control the characters directly, you control the flow of time itself. As you advance time, the two characters will follow a set route. You can move time forwards or backwards, then activate actions if a character is near something they can interact with. These interactions can be grabbing “light” in order to progress through the level, or manipulating objects that keep their positions outside of your “flow of time”, meaning you can rewind and interact with them in a different location.

While the game is short (about an hour long), and the levels don’t get too complicated, it’s filled with some really neat ideas and lots of creativity.

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