Review: Unpacking

  • Release date: 2nd November 2021
  • Version Played: Xbox Series S
  • Completion: Finished game

Unpacking is a game where you simply unpack boxes as someone moves house. The unpacking isn’t a challenge to overcome, but rather how you experience the game’s story, as it’s told through the items you unpack.

You start off with some boxes in a child’s bedroom, you learn about their hobbies and interests as you go through each item and choose where to place it. You can be as neat or as messy as you want, you can take the time to make nice displays or just find somewhere for it to go.

Once all items are out, some items will flash because they’re not in a “correct” spot. As long as you’ve been somewhat sensible and not just thrown everything on the floor, this will only be a few items, some are requirements like kitchen utensils doing in drawers or cupboards, but sometimes items simply need to be hidden out of view, representing an aspect of this person’s life.

As you complete each level, you’ll move to the next house or apartment that this person lived in, deducing their life’s story through the items that follow to the next house, the ones that are hidden and the state of the house to begin with. The items tell stuff about the person and their current state, and if like me you’ll waste a lot of time analysing the games and DVDs, trying to work out what game or film the pixels are supposed to represent.

There’s not a lot to actually say about Unpacking, it’s a very relaxing and calm game that tells a simple story in a unique way. It’s short (around 3 hours), but definitely worth experiencing.

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