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A list of all GameCube reviews from NGC Magazine, plus some GameCube reviews from NGamer (including a few Wii reviews which are identical to the GameCube versions).

The verdicts are taken from the end of each review, with the directory listing taken from either the last directory in issue 99, or the top 100 from issue 101 onwards .

Thanks to for the available issues – although I’m still missing issue 108 and 114-120, so hopefully I can track those down.

NameScore %Release DateIssueVerdictDescription (Directory)
Luigi’s Mansion (Japan)90%2001-09-1461Stunning to look at and great fun – just slightly lacking in depth.
Wave Race Blue Storm (Japan)91%2001-09-1461A few niggles, but they’re a drop in the ocean compared to the sublime eye-popping racing on offer. Storming.
Super Monkey Ball (Japan)92%2001-09-1461A great concept beautifully executed. Nintendo would do well to learn from Sega here. Great stuff.
Star Wars: Rogue Leader (US)87%2001-11-1863Not without its flaws, but so enchanting you’ll want to play again and again. Spectacular.
Pikmin (Japan)86%2001-10-2663A brilliant reworking of RTS. But never has a game felt more like it’s there to pave the way for a sequel.
Extreme G3 (US)85%2001-11-2763Fast, addictive and challenging: fantastic use of the GameCube’s power.
Crazy Taxi (US)81%2001-11-1863Like its arcade original, it’s massive fun but not tremendously deep.
Super Smash Bros. Melee (US)95%2001-11-2164GameCube’s best game. A joyous, endlessly exciting celebration of all things Nintendo.
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 (US)93%2001-11-1864Great to look at, masses of replayability and – most importantly – loads of fun. A must.
FIFA 2002 (Japan)78%2001-11-1564FIFA finally finds its feet, but pure soccer fans will likely still prefer ISS.
NFL Hitz 20-02 (US)79%2001-11-1864A tremendously entertaining, if ultimately shallow, iteration of a true American sport. Great fun.
Tarzan Untamed (US)59%2001-11-1864Basic, linear platforming enlivened by frantic speed. Good, clean, unremarkable fun.
Dave Mirra 2 Freestyle BMX(US)75%2001-11-1864Big and impressive, with the most extensive trick system we’ve seen in an extreme sports game. But not as good as THPS3.
Batman Vengeance (US)70%2001-11-1864Not the stinker we thought it would be, and just about competent enough to please fans of the series.
Madden 2002 (US)75%2001-11-1864A good early marker for GameCube sports sims. Things will get much better, but for now this is worth considering.
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (US)70%2001-12-2065Shallow and ultimately disappointing. If ever there was a game that lorded style over content, this is it.
The Simpsons Road Rage (US)52%2001-12-1965Just the kind of unoriginal, unappetising fare we’ve come to expect from Simpsons games.
All-Star Baseball 2002 (US)60%2001-11-1865A solid workmanlike game that doesn’t capture much of the atmosphere of the sport.
Universal Studios (US)24%2001-12-0765You can’t hate it in the same way you hate Carmageddon or Superman, but this is still an incompetent, uninspired, tear-inducingly tedious jaunt around Woody Woodpecker land.
SSX Tricky (US)88%2001-11-2765Exhilarating racing, slick stunts and masses of exploration, wrapped up in a ‘hip’ package.
Virtua Striker 3 V2002 (Japan)50%2002-02-1466Underwhelming, scrappy and basic. Virtua Striker 3 has little in common with the football we love.
Cel Damage (US)60%2002-01-0766Fun for a while, and some smart touches, but you’ll soon tire if you’ve got no one to play with.
ESPN International Winter Sports 2002 (US)37%2002-01-3166It’s not the worst game ever made, but it must be one of the most boring. Give it a wiiiiiiiide berth.
NBA Courtside 2002 (US)79%2002-01-1366Classy stuff, although not quite as impressive as the original was back in 1998. Well played, all the same.
Dark Summit (US)51%2002-02-0566If there’s an justice, Dark summit will run next to SSX in the shops – and deserve all the derision it gets.
Luigi’s Mansion90%2001-09-1467Nintendo at their dazzling, delirious best: but we can’t wait for Mario’s return all the same.Luigi stars in this short, but ace, fantastically playable combination of Super Mario World and Ghostbusters.
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle70%2001-12-2067The runt of the Sonic franchise. Perhaps Yuki Naka will get the reigns back for Sonic Adventure 3.Sega’s annoying mascot on Gamecube, now with an extra dimension added. Does anyone care any more?
Burnout86%2002-04-3067A great take on the racing genre that offers thrills aplenty and loads of challenges.With spectacular crashes and perfect handling, Burnout is a dream of a game, even if it’s over a bit quickly.
Extreme G385%2001-11-2767The best XG to date and a solid futuristic racer for GameCube.
An underrated gem, offering speed, huge tracks, ingenious weaponary and eye-sparklin visuals.
Super Monkey Ball88%2001-09-1467A challenge for hardcore gamers, and loads of bonus features for everyone else. Weeks of sleepless nights.Simian-flavoured update of Marble Madness. One of the weirdest, most wonderful Gamecube games around.
Wave Race Blue Storm91%2001-09-1467A worthy sucessor. We’d guess Blue Storm will remain impressive even a couple of years from now.Slight frame-rate problems in PAL, but Blue Storm is still a fabulour racer with the most incredible water effects.
ESPN International Winter Sports 200237%2002-01-3167Another selection box of fun-free wintry sporting tedium from Konami. Here’s to Winter Olympics 2006, eh?Combines tiresome button-mashing with equally dull tiing and precision exercises. Dull.
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 387%2001-11-1867A fine sequel. Sticks to do and see, but often a selfish game that doesn’t like newcomers.Mental grinds and stunts backed up by a mountain of extras – if you haven’t tried Hawk’s, do it now.
Crazy Taxi70%2001-11-1867It’s knocking on a bit, but if you never played it on Dreamcast you should consider giving it a go.A title that’s so old, it’s been included as a minigame in GTAIII. Creaky graphics, but still good fun.
Tarzan Freeride59%2001-11-1867Disney’s usual fixed-path platforming, but speeded up and dusted down for the 3D generation. Not at all bad.
Disney. Platformer. Need we say more? Jungle-based gameplay with the Seventh Earl of Greystoke.
Batman Vengeance70%2001-11-1867An adventure that, although failing to offer anything new, is still pretty good fun to play.Cel-shaded platfoming cartoon bat-action. One of the first Cube games – it’s looking pretty ropy already.
NHL Hitz79%2001-11-1867Entertaining arcade madness that proves to be pretty shallow in the long run – unless you have friends to play with.Exaggerated ice hocket title in a similar vein to Red ard, where sticks aren’t just for hitting the puck.
Dave Mirra 2 Freestyle BMX75%2001-11-1867It certainly tries its hardest, and once you’ve forgiven the failings, it’s certainly good fun – just not as much as THPS3.Pornography-free, good, moto-cross game. Slick, with big arenas – but will only appeal to the BMX hardcore.
Universal Studios24%2001-12-0767Five minigames duller than a cheese sandwich, plus hour after hour of cleaning up after other people’s mess. Barely a game.Anyone who makes a game involving picking up litter should be stuffed into a suitcase and hurled into the sea.
Star Wars: Rogue Leader87%2001-11-1868Perhaps not as ground-breaking as we’d have hoped, but still a must-buy. Star Wars brought to life with amazing style.The most memeorable – and the best-looking – Star Wars game yet. The Battle of Hoth will melt your eyes.
ISS 283%2002-03-1468A super-slick slice of football, as brilliantly realised as always, but with a few nasty bruises this time too.A winning formula tarnished with unnecessary ‘improvements’. Good – but also a step backwards.
Gauntlet Dark Legacy25%2002-03-0668Bumbling and inept, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is exactly the sort of thing you didn’t but your GC for. Avoid like death itself.We’ve be farm ore comfortable with this if we’d had it inserted rectally. An insult to the memory of the classic.
Super Smash Bros Melee95%2001-11-2168Great to watch and loads better to play. GC’s number one title, this delivers more and will last you longer than any other game.An eye-singeing multiplayer and cemeos from just about every Nintendo character makes this ace.
Bloody Roar Primal Fury74%2002-03-2868A competent and entertaining fighter that lacks the refinement of the genre’s finest. Still worth a look, though.Competent morphing-into-animals fighting antics, but Capcom vs SNK and Mortal Kombat have surpassed it.
18-Wheeler American Pro Trucker48%2002-02-206818-Wheeler is fun, and might actually be worth borrowing for an evening. But you definitely won’t want to buy a copy.Drive your truck and avoid ‘smokey’. The arcade version with the sit-in cabinet was better.
NBA Courtside 200279%2002-01-1368NBA Courtside is the b-ball equivalent of ISS 98 – fast, fun, and closer to an arcade game than a full-blown sim.The second-best basketball sim available, but it’s still lacking. Strictly for hardcore ands of the Ball of B.
The Simpsons Road Rage52%2001-12-1968Not a total disaster, but still an insult to the funniest show on TV. One day there’ll be a great Simpsons game – this ain’t it.A bad Crazy Taxi rip-off, with Simpsons characters bolted on, spewing repeitive ‘funny’ one-liners.
Spy Hunter55%2002-03-1268A nice idea with some smart touches, but the presentation and level design make it impossible to seriously recommend. Appalling frame rate, nasty course deisgn and linear racing make this one to avoid. A pointless remake.
Donald Duck Goin’ Quackers32%2002-03-2768Now you should be fully versed on why you need to avoid this ‘effort’ like the plague.Like Crash Bandicoot, but with The Duck in charge, going bthackakackth. Also total rubbish.
Cel Damage60%2002-01-0768On your own, Cel Damage is tedious, frustrating and pointless, but as a multiplayer game it’s not too bad at all.Cel-shade car-combat game in the vein of violent cartoons. Too manic and confusing for its own good.
Driven60%2002-03-2768More like a tap on the forearm. Shame, because there’s the nucleus of a good idea here.Very basic, shory game of the bad film about driving fast in a circle. Filling up bargain bins as we speak.
James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire (US)70%2002-03-1268Far better than the PlayStation 2 original, but nonetheless a fairly basic, if flashy, shooter with added driving bits.
Sega Soccer Slam (USA)76%2002-03-1868It’s not the best game ever, but Soccer Slam’s a laugh-a-minute, multiplayer riot that can be enjoyed by all.
Pikmin85%2001-10-2669A delight to the end, and a worthy purchase if you like games that require a little brain power. Pity its over so quickly.Created using textures from Shigsy’s own garden. A wonderful RTS with multicoloured vegetable men.
2002 FIFA World Cup30%2002-04-3069Another brain-drudge through mediocrity except this time it’s got slowdown and a terrible frame-rate. Welcome back, FIFA!As much fun as being told your parents have been killed in a car crash and then contracting Weil’s Disease.
Spider-man The Movie72%2002-04-1669Not bad, but not ground-breaking either. It’ll please fans, but the camera and poor re-playability lets the side down.Dodgy control and camera are the only problems with this platform adventure. Vocied by the original cast.
Jeremy McGrath Supercross World20%2002-02-2669A game that sucks hard enough to take the chrome off a nicely polished exhaust pipe. Avoid with all your strength.Like a nightmare about doing cross-country wearing steel-wool pants and barbed wire flip-flops.
Legends of Wrestling47%2002-05-2869A missed opportunity, with classic characters and twists on the combo system let down by poor visuals and game mechanics.Bringing back old-skool ‘rasslers’ isn’t enough to make this any good. A shambolic licensing cash-cow.
SSX Tricky87%2001-11-2769SSX Tricky throws realism out of the window and embraces pure arcade fun. Do what you have to – buy this game now!Has PS2 written all over it, but excellent. Fast courses, shortcuts and mid-piste scrappage equal FUN.
Dark Summit51%2002-02-0569Maybe Dark Summit could be worth a rental for the evening, but only if you’re prepared for the disappointment after.SSX Tricky with all the speed, style and entertainment removed with near-surgical precision. A waste of time.
Virtua Striker 2 V200255%2002-02-1469This is a letdown, especially when you consider it’s come form the very talented Sega.Nice to look at, horrible to play. Rubbish AI and unwieldy controls make for a bobbins game of fottie.
Rave: The Groove Adventure (Japan)69%2002-03-2069Good fun at first, but a shallow fighting system lets the side down. Of you like its manga namesake, you’ll enjoy it.
Smashing Drive (US)29%2002-02-1869The mutant offspring of Crazy Taxi and Carmageddon. Under no circumstances should you even consider touching it.
Battle Houshin (Japan) [Mystic Heroes]70%2002-03-2969Manga fans will enjoy it more than most – everyone else should appreciate it as the game that Gauntlet should have been.
James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire70%2002-03-1270Punctuated with some smart moments, as well as the excellent driving sections – but too often let down by a lack of innovation.Workaday gameplay dressed up in off-the-peg shooter upholstery, shooting baddies with ping-pong balls.
Lost Kingdoms86%2002-04-2570A brilliantly addictive highly original slice of card-collecting entertainment. This is Top Trumps for the 21st Century.Colelct, er, cards, and battle monsters with them in fantasy landscapes. The sequel does it better, though.
WWE X8 (US)70%2002-06-0970It’ll tide you over until something better comes along (like a sequel) but it’s still far from the heights of the N64’s finest.
Bomberman Generation (Japan)69%2002-06-0570While the one-player mode is below average, Bomberman Generation is a genuinely addictive multiplayer game.
F1 200267%2002-06-2471Unfortunately, the simulation mode in this ugly duckling is the only thing worth bothering about. A real disappointment.Rock-hard racing your dad will enjoy. Alos features humourless Hun driving robot Schumacher version 1.0.
Zoocube50%2002-05-0571It’s not that Zoocube is such a bad idea for a puzzler, just that it’s hobbled by poor execution and a lack of instinctiveness. Puzzler involving a rotating mouth that sucks animal genitals and goes ‘moo’, ‘oink’, ‘quack’ and ‘wah!’
Red Card 200378%2002-06-2571It looks like a one-trick pony and eventually ends up being one – but, in between, Red Card is a thoroughly enjoyable footie game.Violent football game where you mince opponents with stud and fist until meat shows.
Super Mario Sunshine (Japan)96%2002-07-1971A pleasure to play from the second you start, as essential as air itself, and everything you’d expect from a Mario game and more.
Eternal Darkness (US)89%2002-06-2471Astounding, involving, creepy, atmospheric… you name it. Noe quite as perfect as it could have been, but still the Cube’s premier adventure.
WWE Wrestlemania X870%2002-06-0972Wrestlemania X8 is a great chance to pummel your most hated wrestlers in the face – but it should have been much better.Okay, but with nothing particuarly new and a familiar enigne. But if you insist on buying these things…
Aggressive Inline81%2002-08-0172Top-class skating that’s a genuine alternative to the Hawkster, and an excellent game in its own right.Hawk’s alterno-clone – you skate around massive arenas, ‘busting’ tricks on a pair of ‘roller-boots’.
Resident Evil89%2002-03-2272utterly compelling survival horror, with visuals to die for – but the annoying puzzles and structure are showing their age.The classic zombie horror-fest, with stunning cisuals and a brillaint storyline. Controls are still crap, though.
Barbarian70%2002-03-2772An old-style battler with some new ideas thrown in. Simple, basic fun and hard to dislike, but for from being a total classic.A button-mashing fantasy battler complete with fully-smashable arenas. Fun, but not as good as Smash Bros.
Eggo Mania49%2002-09-1172Not as good as Zoocube, and miles away form classics like Bust-a-Move and the original Game Boy Tetris. Disappointing.Rubbish take on Tetris that, mystifyingly, involves ovulations. Wouldn’t look out of place on an Amiga.
Capcom Vs SNK 2 EO79%2002-07-0472Again, Capcom have delivered a fantastic fighter, but purists will have to wait – then pay – for a half-decent control alternative.A great game, but purist retro freaks will want to fork out for a clunky arcade stick to get the most from it…
Top Gun Combat Zones71%2002-10-2872Combat Zones is a real hoot – for a while. Eventually, though, you’ll tire of the relentlessly similar mission objectives.Movie-based flyboy antics. GC’s only flight ‘sim’ – pretty challenging, but we recommend you try it first.
Taz Wanted52%2002-10-0472Sloppy and frustrating, Taz looks like it could have done with another few months in development. Still, Mario’s out next month.Some of the worst level design we’ve ever seen in this frustrating cel-shaded Mario-wannabee platformer.
Beach Spikers89%2002-07-1972Not to everyone’s taste, but we found it a refreshing, highly entertaining and accessible sports sim. Worth a look.Volleyball on sand. Addictive with four players, but the single-player’s longevity lets the side down.
Turok Evolution71%2002-09-0173A frustrating mix of the good and the bad, the first next-gen Turok is something of a disappointment. Better luck next time.Disappointing dino-hunting FPS sequel. Not as bad as Turok 3 on N64, but serious niggles let the series down.
TimeSplitters 292%2002-10-1573A challenging single-player, stupidly addictive multiplayer and a whooping-great lifespan. Buy this game right now.A stonker of a time-travelling FPS, TimeSplitters 2 crept out of nowhere to become GC’s finest example of the genre.
Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer75%2002-09-1773A stylishly presented, liquid take on a very familiar genre. Hardly the deepest, but certainly the coolest game of its type.Same old trick-based extreme-sports, but this time in tubes made of water. Quite good fun, for a while.
Super Mario Sunshine96%2002-07-1973Renders the opposition utterly irrelevant and re-introduced a genuine sense of wonder to the videogame world.Mazza’s cleaning up a tropical island. With the polished visuals and sense of fun of Mario 64, this hits the right buttons.
Smuggler’s Run Warzones78%2002-08-0773Superb environments help to paper over what’s essentially a pretty basic game – through undoubtedly an entertaining one.Huge landsacpes and fast-paced ‘racing’ in buggies is let down by repetitive gameplay and awful music.
Tetris Worlds38%2002-06-2673The basics are there – but it’s been changed into a tired, cynical puzzler lacking any of the magic that made it truly special.THQ ruin one of the Best Games Ever by trying to make it ‘better’. will anyone stop these people?
MX Superfly63%2002-06-2773Not particularly offensive – but it’s got a long way to go before it’s worth considering. Our advice? Rent it first.Handles like you’re driving space bikes on the surface of the moon. The best of a very bad bunch, though.
Mickey’s Magical Mirror26%2002-08-0973Unless you have some kind of freaky Disney fetish, you’ll loathe every single minute. Utterly pointless, even if you’re three.The Mouse patronises his way through this hideous ‘adventure’. Almsot Beckettian in its non-eventfulness.
UFC Throwdown51%2002-07-3073Any game that has you laughing to tears after a mere five minutes of play can’t be that good – and this isn’t.Freestyle thump-fest, where you lead your oily man to victory in some Greek-style athletic contest.
Super Monkey Ball 2 (US)85%2002-08-2573Great stuff if you liked the original game, and the one to go for if you missed out on it first time around. Solid puzzle action.
Star Fox Adventures72%2002-09-2374Not actually bad, but after all the waiting this comes as a huge disappointment. We wanted a classic, we got plain ordinary.Adventure that’s way too easy and linear. Should have been far better. Hardly a fitting send-off for Rare.
Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee68%2002-10-0874Nostalgic monster-battling fun, perfect for five minute blasts but lacking the depth to make it a must-have scrapper.Stompy monster fun in multiplayer mode, but otherwise a little weak. Get Smash Bros instead.
Eternal Darkness89%2002-06-2474Although there are rough edges, ED is likely to be one of the most inventive narrative games you’ll play in a long time.A Lovecaftian yarn of ancient evils told through 12 playable characters and an innovative magic system.
Pro Rally58%2002-10-0474Technically competent and capable of gratifying speed, but riddled with flaws, and it’s simply not very exciting at all.An okay game completely and ruthlessly dragged down by its thoroughly awful, frustrating handling.
Ace Golf74%2002-10-2374A golf game mightn’t be your top priority, but this is still an enjoyable title that doesn’t put a foot wrong. Mmm… nice!A highly enjoyable, relaxing sticksie-ball game that treads the middle-ground between fun and serious.
Pro Tennis WTA Tour48%2002-08-2974Unremarkable in every way, but worth a look if you’re a tennis stalker who’s banned from attending games these days.
The only tennis game on ‘Cube so far, but with rubbish non-analogue controls and distinctly whiffy visuals.
Sega Soccer Slam67%2002-03-1874A fast and fluid mutation of ‘real’ football, good fun in multiplayer but less so for the lone gamer. Not quite classic Sega.A cartoonish footie game with an interest in violence. Cracking in multiplayer – poor on your own.
Rocky78%2002-11-1474Won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but Rocky is one of the best fighters the Cube has to offer so far. A pleasant surprise.A solid fighter where you guide Rockies one to five to greatness. Top two-player, loads of unlockable extras.
Die Hard Vendetta80%2002-11-1574A pleasant surprise. But the stand-out moments are marred by irritating flaws and often unbearable levels of frustration.Shoot holes in people who look like terorrists, so the US can enjoy one more night of guiltless slumber.
Doshin The Giant62%2002-03-1474A quirky little oddity, originally a 64DD game, that feels incongruous on these shores. Fun for a while, but not an essential purchase.Quirky title that puts you in charge of a giant man who must help/hinder islanders. A little short-lived.
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 269%2002-10-0174A shame. We enjoyed the PS2 version and this one pales in comparison – we suggest you get Burnout instread.Ironicall slow racer. A lazt port has ruined what was originally a pretty entertaining franchise.
Worms Blast63%2002-09-1374Worms Blast can be mildly diverting, but it’s rarely more than that.Kinda like Bust-a-Move in a puzzly-action kind of way, except this isn’t anywhere near as good.
Freekstyle52%2002-09-0574It’s sense of speed and altitude might be occasionally breathtaking, but the rest of Freekstyle is tired, recycled and a total waste of time.If you own SSX Tricky, you’ve no need for this tired and recycled (hah!) SSX-on-bikes nonsense.
NHL Hitz 200365%2002-09-1674Minor improvements, but they’re improvements nonetheless. Hitz is still shallow and silly, but it’s fast, brutal fun.Another year, another dose of frantic ice action. Not much cop on the original, mind.
Animal Crossing (US)90%2001-12-1474Not wishing to sound too soppy here, this is a magical experience. If only they had games like this when we were at school.
Mario Party 468%2002-10-2175Perhaps we expected too much but, sadly, this is just Mario Party by-the-numbers. Try renting it for special family occasions.Disapponting. Not bad if you’re in the mood for party fun, but it’s done little to improve on the originals.
James Bond 007: Nightfire72%2002-11-1875Very ‘Bond’ indeed, and hugely polished, but Nightfire fails to offer a truly captivating shoot-‘n’-sneak experience.The best Bond game on Gamecube so far, but the visuals can’t hide an FPS that’s lacking overall.
Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions51%2002-11-2075A below-par rehash of an old Xbox game, Wreckless is full of sound and fury, and ultimately empty and uninvolving.Drive like a loon and smahs up cars and anything else that gets in your way. Sub-Burnout nonsense.
Mystic Heroes71%2002-03-2975Frantic battling against huge armies. It’s shallow, relentless and a little bit on the mental side – but fun all the same.Simplistic 3D Gauntlet-style slasher that’s somehow entertaining and charming. Well, Geriant thinks so.
Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast67%2002-11-1975Strictly for devoted Star Wars fans only, this one – but even if you are, you might still come away disappointed.A seriousl disappointing PC conversion of an overrated shooter. Huge game, but quite tedious.
X-Men: Next Dimension55%2002-10-2275An utterly average fighting game that doesn’t do anything seriously wrong, but displays no glimpses of genius, either.Dulelr than dishwater. Fighting-by-numbers stuff that offers little of interest. Waste of a pretty cool licence.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 200382%2002-10-2975Undignified it may be, but Mario Golf GC will have its work cut out to top this latest, flashiest effort from Tiger and the team.The world most efficient golf robot gets his own game. Actually really good, in a surprisingly arcadey way.
NHL 200364%2002-09-3075EA’s hocket sim bogs itself down into being rather less than the sum of its parts.A realistig approach to ice hockey which isn’t particuarly fast or – more importantly – fun.
Knockout Kings 200379%2002-10-0975Atmospheric and visually impressive, it’s probably the most absorbing boxer on GC.If the arcadey nature of Rocky doesn’t sit that well with you, give this face-smashing simulator a go instead.
Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly40%2002-11-1975A graphically dodgy conversion of a PS2 game that wasn’t incredibly good to begin with. We’re not impressed. Much like Crash Bandicoot, this ia another shodd port of a game that was never much fun in the first place.
Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 270%2002-10-0875What it does, it does perfectly. BMX enthusiasts would do well to check it out, the rest of us can take it or leave it.A decent extreme sports sim. A bit slicker than Dave Mirra, but with smaller, tighter arenas. Does the job.
Hot Wheels Velocity X45%2002-11-1275Subtle as a sledgehammer, bland and ultimately quite tedious – which makes it very difficult to recommend at all.Basic racing/car-combat game based on plastic toys. Strictly for the very, very young. Or very stupid.
FIFA 200383%2002-11-0175Best EA sim in recent memory and the first time we’ve been able to recommend it. A must for GC-owning footie fans.EA finally remember how good football games are made. Actually better than ISS 2. A vast improvement.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars71%2002-10-2975Brilliant in some places, just plain dull in most of the others. Worth a look for hardcore Star Wars fans, though.Battlezone-style tank blaster set around Episode II – not as good as Rogue Leader, but fun all the same.
Scooby Doo! Night of 100 Frights36%2002-09-1275This ‘platforming’ business had already been done better a hundred times over in about a hundred different ways.Platforming non-action that’ll interest you for half an hour or until you need the loo; whichever comes first.
NBA Live 200370%2002-10-0875Between you and like-minded mates, this will continue to run and rune – at least until next year’s update hits the shelves.The yearly EA update. Solig gameplay; lots of lovely numbers; otherwise not much different form last year.
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 485%2002-10-2375Neversoft have done a great job in keeping the formula fresh, but there’s still a feeling of déjá vu. Fans will find it as addictive as ever.No time limits and great RPG elements complement the larger areas in TH4 – a well-tweaked fourquel.
The Scorpion King30%2002-09-1175The Scorpion King is a waste of your time, cash and sanity. Don’t even bother to entertain the notion of buying it.Bav. Very bad. Guide a poor approximation of The Rock and hit bad guys until they bleed from the eyeholes.
Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex40%2002-09-1775As Kittsy put it, “if platformers were music, this one would be Cotton-Eyed Joe.” Make of that what you will, but he wasn’t smiling when he said it.One of the worst ports we’ve seen – of a game that was a load of crap to begin with! Avoid like death.
Big Air Freestyle28%2002-09-1375Not quite the worst MX game, but as close as anyone’s dared to get. A total waste of time and money – theirs and yours.Another awful off-road bike title, the kind that makes you want to cry the second you’ve started playing.
Medal of Honor Frontline75%2002-11-0775A welcome – and improved – conversion of the PS2 original, but not without its own faults. Still plenty of fun, though.FPS set during World War II. Looks ropy in places, but it’s atmospheric and highly enjoyable.
Bloodrayne (US)70%2002-10-3175Definitely try it before you splash out on an import copy, because you might hate it. But do try it. It’s a future cult favourite. Maybe.
Metroid Prime (US)96%2002-11-1876A game of true quality, this is a beautiful thing. The best game on GameCube, and a title that stands among the world’s finest ever.
Resident Evil Zero (US)86%2002-11-1276There’s not really any such thing as a bad Resi game. A well-balanced, atmospheric game, dragged down by PSone mechanics.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets78%2002-11-1576Without breaking new gaming ground The Chamber of Secrets is an almost perfect book-to-film-to-game conversion.Attractive and competent adaptation of Potter’s film – but rather easy. Only die-hard wizard fans need apply.
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger60%2002-09-1076Not a poot game – but hardly cutting-edge either. Definitely worth a look for younger gamers after a fun platformer.An average platformer with an Antipodean twist. It’s a solid example of the genre but nothing more or less.
Reign of Fire59%2002-11-2676A promising concept that offers some short-term thrills, but is ultimately let down by repetitive design and poor handling.A poor game of a poro film, even if you do get to burn stuff. Nice ideas ruined by dodgy physics and controls.
Bomberman Generations70%2002-06-0576You probably won’t play it for too long on your own, but get some mates round and it takes on a different complexion.Yet another update of the arson franchise. Single-player is tedious; four-player is addictive as ever.
Legends of Wrestling II50%2002-11-2676Minor changes to an ordinary wresting game, with some new characters and stuff. More a version 1.1 than a proper sequel.Yet another travesty of a wrestling game, but made marginally better by the addition of Big Daddy.
The Sum of All Fears25%2002-12-1776Stick this in your disc tray and it’s like somebody has poured sugar in your Cube’s petrol tank. Now get it out of our sight.One of the most inept games we’ve plated. Clancy says bury the copies in the desert before anyone notices.
Disney Sports Football69%2002-07-1876Not bad at all. We honestly aren’t shivering at the thought of seeing the rest of the Disney Sports series.This isn’t anywhere near as bad as you may thing. It’s an amusing, simple footie game for younger gamers.
BMX XXX48%2002-11-2576This is stupid. What next? Super Mario XXX, with ‘Love Toad’ and a naked Peach? Hang on a minute. This one’s got legs…Childish, boring BMX game featuring strippers showing you their nipples. Get a girlfriend instead.
Sonic Mega Collection (US)71%2002-11-1276You either want it or you don’t. If you’ve long since ditched your Mega Drive and hanker for a slice of gaming’s golden age, it’s worth it.
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Japan)96%2002-12-1377This is why we play Nintendo. The Wind Waker is an utter delight for both the mind and the senses to wallow in.
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance80%2002-11-2277Best MK yet – but still far from being a fully rounded fighter. The wealth of options and entertainment value make it worth it.The best Kombat yet! The blood-soaked spine-ripping tarn finally gets the update it deserves on Gamecube.
Minority Report39%2002-11-1977Hilariously daft and incongrously violent – they should have saved it for the Los Angeles riot franchise. Barely a game.Astonishingly brutal third-rate ass-whupping game that takes place on the sets of a Spielberg movie.
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter68%2002-12-0777If you feel you absolutely have to buy it, then it’ll prove enjoyable enough. Other action-seekers should go elsewhere.The painting, pot-bellied, rubbish space-assassin gets the Tomb Raider treatment in this average game.
Robotech Battlecry77%2002-10-1177This is what fans of the series have been waiting for for so long. True to the anime, with sweet presentation and plenty of challenge.Stompy robots go to war in the game of the Japanese cartoon. Not bad, as far as stompy robot games go.
Fireblade59%2002-12-2977Enjoyable for a while, but the game’s failings soon drag it down to mediocrity. Fireblade could have been so much better.Brain-free ‘copter game that’ll appeal to miliary-obsessed psychos and fans of the 80s Vietnam wat films.
ATV Quad Power Racing 270%2003-01-2277There aren’t all that many racing games on the console right now, and while this is hardly a classic, it’s still one of the better ones.Wave Race on land with farming utility vehicles. Competent, but there’s superior racing fare out there.
Blood Omen 2: Legacy of Kain72%2002-12-0977But it if you love the series, or if you love vampires. Don’t but it if you aren’t entirely sure it’s in the right vein. Ahahahaha.Gamecube’s other undread heck-fest. After 1,000 years of slumber, evil vampire Kain is awake and hungry.
Cubivore (US)76%2002-02-2177A spectacular piece of Japanese strangeness. See it to believe it, and if you can ignore the camera (unlikely) you might love it.
Dead to Rights (US)64%2002-11-2577Bog-standard action adventuring featuring a bog-standard implementation of previously seen game mechanics.
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance (US)80%2002-11-2077Ripping fantasy yarn tat’s a couple of fireballs form greatness. Simple and effective, but not as much fun on its own.
Resident Evil Zero85%2002-11-1278Still suffering from the same age-old Resident Evil issues, but it’s taxing, atmospheric and entertaining. A worthy purchase.Ditches the solo formula for a two-character system. great set-pieces, looks lovely… more Resi, basically.
Super Monkey Ball 282%2002-08-2578A huge game that really does contain something to please everyone. Conversely, it’s unlikely anyone will enjoy all of it…The apes are back with levels harder of core, and a new story mode involving lore, betrayal and banana-theft.
Micro Machines57%2003-01-1778It works – most of the time, pretty well – but it’s also familiar and unexciting, as well as unforgiveably short. Time for a rething.Like the recipe for bread or wine gums, Micro Machines doesn’t change much, and this iteration is no exception.
Rally Championship74%2003-02-0778Surprisingly good rally game that probably won’t give Colin McRae any sleepless nights, but turns in an entertaining GameCube performance.Solid, does all the things a rallying game should. Should do the job until McCrae sees the light of day.
Phantasy Star Online90%2002-09-1278A gloriously realised futuristic Gauntlet-style playground where you can chat, trade, cooperate and do battle. Pure magic.Essentially Gauntlet with lots of numbers and menu screens, online PSO becomes an epic tale of crate-smashing and item collection.
Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc84%2003-02-2178A bold, absorbing and endearing platformer that never bores, never punishes and always allows you to see a little bit more.The limbless French Freak™ has the last laugh with a game that, insists our correspondent, is actually good.
Pac-Man World 270%2002-03-1278Pac’s perma-psychotic grin and mad, staring eyes make him a bit unloveable, but the game will help a wet weekend pass quickly.The Pac is back for hilarious retro-themed platforming fun. Shamelessly pilfers everything from Mario 64.
Super Bubble Pop65%2003-01-0378If you’re looking for something mindless and hypnotic, look no further. Or look at Wetrix on the N64. Your choice.Tetris-y flavoured Bust-a-Move for the Sunny Delight generation, with chemically-induced visuals and music.
Men In Black II: Alien Escape45%2003-02-0778A game that feels out of place and out of time. Just like the film it’s base on.Rubbish off-the-peg third-person shooting game of the rubbish off-the-peg movie. Did we mention it’s rubbish?
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius18%2002-12-1678With any luck, nobody will buy this and we’ll be spared a new breed of society-hating serial killers in 20 year’s time. Fingers crossed.Tedious, sorry, devoid-of-insporation ‘puzzle’ game that actually manages to out-borify Universal Studios.
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers68%2002-12-3078An ornamental game. It looks lovely and makes all the right noises, but it lacks that essential soul. Substance-free.Repetitive hacking game with RPG overtones. Gudie your man though levels making gobling prosciutto.
Ikaruga (Japan)85%2003-01-1678Not to everyone’s tastes, but an amazing example of the genre.
Metroid Prime97%2002-11-1879The ceiling of the Sistine chapel. Michelangelo’s David. The nudey lass on the shell. See where we’re going with this?A polished, addictive adventure-cum-shooter-cum-platformer that pushes the envelope in every field.
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon66%2003-02-1179An enjoyable enough, solid enough, earnest ractical shooter. Brown visuals and a few control ‘issues’ round things off.Clancy has another go at squad-based tactical ops, and this time thigns run more smoothly. Entertaining stuff.
Evolution Skateboarding78%2002-11-1779A THPS4 clone with some decent enough gimmicks. Playable enough, but still falls into the looming shadow of Mr Hawk.Snazzy-looking Hawk’s clone, but then, who wants and Elvis impersonator if the King’s in town
Evolution Snowboarding23%2003-02-2579A complete non-event of a snowboard game, mixed up with the kind of useless beat-’em-up that should have been banned back in 1982.Fight bad guys while sliding down a hill. Worse than Dark Summit. Games like this should be made illegal.
The Sims81%2003-03-2579A strange game that sucks you in for hours on end. If you can be patient with the shortcoming it will certainly grow on you.Addictive people simulating comes to the Cube. A great sense of humour and lots of potential for mischief.
Defender50%2002-11-0479Does an average job of translating the original Defender into 3D, but this is still light years beyong its sell-by date.Pointless 3D update that makes one of the hardest-core arcade classics easy and, by estension, depressingly dull.
Dr Muto70%2002-12-1779Brilliantly inventive at times and bog-standard at others. Still, more than enough to make this worth investigating.Amusing mad-doctor platforming game where you have to mutate into different animals to solve puzzles.
Summoner: A Goddess Reborn68%2003-02-0479Despite all its flaws, the teal-time combar, absoebing worlds and detailed plot make for a superbly atmospheric RPG.Much levelling-up and numbers floating from people’s heads. Crappy visuals, but an engrossing adventure.
BloodRayne65%2002-10-3179Play, so the premise is so kitsch is astounds us, and the execution isn’t abysmal. Still, Bloor Rayne is mediocre at best.Vampire fun. Dismember Naxis, fire period weaponry, and battle and evil priest driving an armoured pulpit.
Sonic Mega Collection70%2002-11-1279Strictly for the dewy-eyed Sonic nostalgics among you, or for those looking for a taste of his 16-bit roots. Worth a look.If you have a retro craving, you could do worse: seven games on one disc, accurate down to the loading times!
Vexx66%2003-02-1179Well-crafted but unashamedly derivative, this Mario knock-off at least features a few enlivening fisticuffs.Well-crafted but unashamedly derivative Mario knockoff. Lots of collecting, dodgy camera.
NBA 2K385%2002-10-0779The best basketball game on Gamecube. Terrifically playable, surprisingly tactical and oodles and oodles of depth. Get in there.Puts all other basketball games ot shame. Great gameplay complements an engrossing Career mode.
NFL 2K386%2002-08-2179If you understand the rules and don’t mind being kicked in the teeth, this’ll be a little piece of heaven. It is American FootballA meaty gridiron sim that could even threaten Madden. Management bits don’t detract from the gameplay.
Burnout : Point of Impact90%2003-04-0880A veritable rush of adrenaline, Burnout 2 is hugely thrilling and a brilliantly focused arcade racer. Never less than giant fun.B2 takes the best bits of the first game – speed and collisions – and welds them onto more modes than you can eat.
NHL 2K372%2002-12-1080With an injection of pace and osme face-remoulding scraps, this coudl be brilliant. As it is, it’s complex and huge, but not really enough fun.Complicated ice hockey title with stodgy gameplay. Simlar to NFL 2K3, but doesn’t quite pull it off.
Ikaruga85%2003-01-1680Like the Japanese puffer fish, it’s not to everyone’s tastes. The curious will try it – resulting in inevitable casualties.Old-style shooter – originally designed for robots, now available for human consumption. Very, very hard.
Dakar 279%2003-03-3180It’s one bit time trial – which you can get in any normal racing game – and there’s no real opponent, but Dakar 2 is enjoyable, robust racing fun.Driving around in a vast expanse of dirt for days on end? Darak 2 manages to make this pretty good fun.
Conflict: Desert Storm89%2003-04-1780No lazy conversion, this. A fetter-sleek Cube-optimised mastrpeice, and a cracking soldier sim to boot. Highly recommended.Tense and teeth-gritting, with a great co-op mode. Brain-based fun for those nuclear winter evenings.
Frogger Beyond59%2002-12-0680Perfectly acceptable platform game with no new ideas that is marred by clunky, thoughtless controls. It’s not bad, but you wouldn’t pay for it.The trend for ‘improving’ ancient games by making them 3D taken to its most extreme.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master Quest81%2002-11-2880If you sent Ganondorf packing years ago, you’ll feel right at home. And if it’s your first bash, a splendid, magical romp awaits.The GC is capable of so much more – but if you didn’t send Ganondorf packing years ago, do it now. NOW!
Disney Sports Skateboarding64%2002-09-1980It’s hard to hate it – despite its many deficiencies – but there’s no denying that this is a basic, if occasionally quite enjoyable, game.The Mouse and his irritating friends try ‘busting tricks’. Walt must be spinning in his cryogenic pod.
Super Smash Bros. Melee (Player’s Choice)91%2001-11-2180In the final analysis, it’s no longer quite as groundbreaking as we once thought, but it remains a whirl of joyous, acrobatic chopsockery, stuffed to the gills with things to see and do. Smashing, literally.
Luigi’s Mansion (Player’s Choice)88%2001-09-1480There’s rather too much retreading of previously-seen areas and the shortness of the action is even more apparent in these days of Metroid and Zelda. But even if short-and-sweet is the order of the day, Luigi is never less than highly entertaining.
Pikmin (Player’s Choice)86%2001-10-2680It all looks fabulous, too, believable and naturalistic, and the game, like Luigi’s Mansion, is only really let down by its relative lack of longevity. Nonetheless, Pikmin remains a minor Nintendo classic.
Enter The Matrix73%2003-05-1481The subject matter makes it compelling and the fighting system is praise-worthy, but it’s still a flawed gaming experience.Take the red pill and find out how disapponting this movie tie-in is. We were expecting something special.
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker97%2002-12-1381Ocarina on the high seas. Its flaws are more than made up for by the quality of the story and the plentiful variety of gameplay. Essential.The babbling if the interner whingers faded to a stunned silence when this hit the shelves. It’s as exquisitely fashioned as a Disney feature film, and doesn’t lose any of the gameplay for it. Some sailing sections spoilt it a bit, and it’s pretty short, but this is as clost to ‘art’ as ‘games’ have been yet.
Resident Evil 262%2003-01-1481Old, draughty, graphically arthritic and none to cheapm this is nonetheless a classic slice of survival horror. But do you want to play it again?Experience the shambling, undead terror of original PSone graphics! Revisit Leon and Claire for just… £30!
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis65%2003-01-1581Like Resident Evil 2, this looks almost laughably primitive. But there’s a great game behind the cobwebs and chunky, blocky zombies.Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin nnnnnnnnnnnnnnssssssssssssssssssssss! Etcetera
Splinter Cell89%2003-04-0881Steath done in a totally new, stylish way with shadows and darnkess perfectly utilised. You’ll enjoy (nearly) every second.Stealth-fest with a gritty feel and the opportunity to operate various Clancy-approved hi-tech gizmos.
Superman: Shadow of Apokolips60%2003-03-2581Not as – ha! – super as we’d have liked, this is nonetheless diverting and initially exciting. It also makes up for Superman’s dreadful mistakes of the past…Supes redeems himself somewhat with this stylised and maze-free effort based on the animated cartoons.
Skies of Arcadia Legends90%2002-12-2681Like stats? Then this is depe, absorbing and turly epic. Sega’s sky-faring RPG sets a standard that most will never attain. Roll on the sequel.Vast RPG. “It’ll take away a chunk of your life and you won’t want it back” claims a man versed in such things.
Top Angler35%2003-01-0181Even if bass fishing is your thing, you’ll probably have more fun with the fishing game in Ocarina of Time.Generic fishing game involving bass, that doesn’t even get the basics of its limited genre right. Tiresome.
Castleween16%2003-05-3081Although it looks like it’s aimed squarely at the ultra young market, we can’t imagine many small children having the patience to endure an ‘entertainment’ experience as arduous as this. Not when pushing lolly sticks into dog turds offers so much more long-term excitement, and is a good £40 cheaper.Unfairly difficult dismal platforming tedium with some kind of cartoony black magic schtick going on.
Batman Dark Tomorrow15%2003-03-1881A real wasted opportunity, comic’s coolest superhero is demoted to dribbling Arkham Asylum inmate. Close to travesty.For ages, GameCube’s most arse-clenchingly bad title. Clunky, dull, gameplay-free superheroics.
Lost Kingdoms II87%2003-05-2281A hearty slap on the back to the developers for making it a certifiably more satisfying experience, but it’s still on the frothy side.Set 200 years after the events of the first game. It’s more satisfying, but it’s still on the frothy side.
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance80%2002-11-2081Old-school stats and sorcery, but delivered in a highly entertaining package that’s simply great with two players.Dungeon-slashing adventurising with fewer numbers and a special two-player flavour. Actually quite good.
Soul Calibur II (Japan)92%2003-03-2781Not the jump forward we’d hoped for, but it’s the same game refined to near-perfection. As essential a fighter as you’re likely to find.
P.N.0.3. (Japan)75%2003-03-2781A refreshing and unique blaster with smart ideas for shoot-’em-up fans who care more about their score than the visuals.
Black & Bruised (USA)66%2003-01-2681It looks great, it’s fune and the Boxer’s Life mode prolongs the gameply. And did we, erm, mention how wonderful it looks?Looks great and you’ve 19 boxer careers to paly through, but the sound’s rotten and it lacks depth.
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin91%2003-06-1982Been longing for something as deep as GoldenEye on your Gamecube? Get into Hitman, and you’ll find it all right here.Tighten the fibre-wire and leave your morals at the door as Mr 47’s elimination sim comes to GC. Stealthy, free-form gaming at its finest.
Def Jam Vandetta87%2003-04-0182Absolutely top-notch, as long as – and this is the important bit – you don’t mind having cumpulsory elements of a wretling game entirely absent.Wrestling thumpfest featuring all your favourite hip-hop artistes. Bone-crunching moves and ‘sick’ beats.
Red Faction II66%2003-04-0182Does the job, and some interesting ideas, but compared to the likes of Timesplitters and Metroid it doesn’t really cut it.Shoot capitalist scum in the face and blow some holes in walls in this distinctly average brown fighting game.
ISS 378%2003-03-1482It’s nowhere near as sophisticated as its Pro Evolution stablemate, but for a dependable game of football, this takes some beating.The once-invincible football series sinks ever lower with a misguided new ‘close-up’ mode.
X-Men Wolverine’s Revenge64%2003-04-1582We like the fact that you can find bonuse costumes, including the classic 60s gear. Other than that, we remain somewhat unimpressed.Is he a man? Is he a wolf? Is he a genetically engineeered super-soldier? Fighting with the clawed X-Man.
V-Rally 368%2003-06-2582Weigh the painful procedure of besting the handling against the eventual satisfaction gained and you’ll still be short-changed.Speedy rallyign game that wouldn’t be so bad if they’d concentrated on the basics first. Like, er, the steering.
Disney Sports Basketball55%2002-12-1982If you’re some kind of Disney mentalist you might get a vague flicker of excitement from this. If not, stay the hell away.This isn’t anywhere near as bad as you may think. It’s an amusing, simple footie game for younger gamers.
Hulk65%2003-05-2882While certainly more impressive than we anticipated it being, Hulk is still a basic, if surprisingly slick, fighting game. Not bad – but not great.Get angry, turn green, and SMASH your way through puny soldiers. Also stealth sections with Bruce Banner.
Tube Slider (USA)45%2003-04-1782We loved F-Zero on GBA, so it’s a shock to ifnd developers NDCUBE stuff this up. Colourful, fast and bright, yes, but clever and involving it ain’t.
Wario World86%2003-06-2083It may not be big or especially clever, but Wario World;s a nigh-essentiall cavalcade of brash, lo-fi fun and extreme silliness. Short but very sweet.The anti-Mario game gets his own game. A surreal frenzy of lowbrow humour and monster-hitting. Waah!
Dead to Rights60%2002-11-2583Desperately trying to be hard-boiled, but actually hs more in common with action rubbish like Minority Report. One for very forgiving fans only.Mindless ultraviolence. JACK SLATE is PISSED OFF and wants to HURT SOMEONE.
F1 Career Challenge81%2003-06-2783A good, deep sensible rater then. Realistic? You betcha. But a non-stop barrel of laughts? Not exactly.Packed representation of the glamorous world of F1 team management. You can take the cars for a spin too.
WWE Crush Hour43%2003-03-1883It’s not a good driving game, nor a good combat game, and gluing the two together don’t make it any better.Those magnificent greast men drive greast fighting machines or some unlikely Vigilante 8-style ‘thrills’.
Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut38%2003-06-1783It wasn’t really that great on the Dreamcast. Despite the extras, on the Cube this is rather appealing. Sorry, appalling.A GBA link-up feature for GC, but otherwise a straight port of a game that was rubbish to begin with.
Speed Kings57%2003-05-2883Uninspired racer that wants to be Burnout on two wheels, but fails to replciate the things that make Burnout so much fun. Disappointing.Wannabe Burnout with, strangely, lots of sliding under lorries involved. Otherwide bland and unnecessary.
SX Superstars71%2003-06-3083Nothing incredible as far as the racing goes, but the story does make it a bit more interesting than it would be if it was all simmy and serious.Motocross scramblin, enhanced with a Def Jam-style Career mode that invovles girlfriend upgrades.
Big Mutha Truckers71%2003-06-2783A neat and original idea, which is well executed in most respects. But the sheet difficulty and lack of playtesting do detract.A cross between Elite and Smokey and The Bandit, but with The Reynolds replaced by wall-eyed hillbillies.
P.N.0.3.77%2003-03-2784A super-stylish dance-a-minute, well animated shooter. But the repetitiveness, uninspiring bosses and dull designs don’t do it any favours.This super-stylish shooter with its dancing heroine is only marred by dull bossed and design.
NBA Street Vol 288%2003-04-2884A cracking basketball game that almost negates the need for realistic spots sims. Why play serious when this is twice as much fun?Almost negates the need for realistic spots sims – and all for half the price of real basketball trainers.
Mega Man Network Transmission59%2003-03-0684A good GBA game turned into a very mediocre GC game by the omission of everything that was great about it in the first place. Shame.Here’s an idea: take a great GBA game, strip the good bits out and put the resulting platformer on GC.
Viewtiful Joe (Japan)90%2003-06-2684Has exceeded out expectations in every way. Laspes towards the frustrating side of things at times, but rarely disappoints.Distinctive side-scrolling 2D beat-’em-p in which you feel like you’re editing a movie while you’re playing a game.
Giftpia (Japan)??2003-04-2584Erm… There’s clearly a lot of potential here, and some great ideas. But if you don’t speak Japanese, don’t import it.
Soul Calibur II92%2003-03-2785It’s an incredible game, deserving a place in everyone’s collection – unless you’re truly, violently averse to beat-’em-ups. The atmosphere, rich detailing and slick combt never fairl to enhreal. And the Gamecube version handles better than any other. Need any more excuses?The best fighting game on any system, offering rich depths to those who go looking. And you can go nuts with Link.
WWE Wreslemania XIX68%2003-09-0885We really, really hop that thigns like the limited CAW parts and the aggravating story mode get tweaked. As it stand, this is a missed opportunity.Clumsy interfac, limited CAW parts and irritating Story mode. Still, it’ll sell loads, no matter what its flaws are.
NHL 200457%2003-09-2285Technical problems mar what could have been the best ice hockey game yet. The drawing board should see some action.Behind-the-scenes additions don’t compensate for the terrible frame rate on the ice. Play it at your peril.
Madden NFL 200487%2003-08-1185Great stuff. Newbies and veterans alike will finde it a satisfting and user-friendly version of this most technical of sports.Great stuff – a satisfting and accessible version of the sport for new and experienced Yankee Egg Chasers.
The Italian Job: LA Heist54%2003-07-1585There’s something compelling about The Italian Job, but it’s only a third of a game, ruiend by lack of variety and a four-hour lifespan.So short, even games goobers can finish it. The lack of variety doesn’t help. A mini game in every respect.
Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure74%2003-09-0385Tony Hawk rides again, wearing a Buzz Lightyear gimpsuit. It’s the skateboarding game for anyone who finds the tricker ones too frustrating.Neither extreme nor adventurous, but fine for people not up to Tony Hawk’s, like your little brother or nan.
Drome Racers46%2003-09-1685Lacklustre racing game that offers absolutely nothing new and fails to do even the familiar things with any real flair. A bit poor.Brings absolutely nothing new to racing, and doesn’t maange to do the old stuff with any flair either.
F-Zero GX (Japan)93%2003-07-2585Exactly what we wanted out of F-Zero. The speed, the challenge and the stunningly designed tracks. Unmissable.Speed, challenge and stunningly designed tracks blended to form the finest of arcade racing experiences. It really is fast.
Mario Gold Toadstool Tour (USA)85%2003-07-2885Not a huge leap from the N64 version, but with its improved characters and fine graphics, it’s a worthy update of a golden oldie.
Kirby’s Air Ride (Japan)51%2003-07-1185There’s a seed of potential in the idea, but, as it is, this is a game of supreme linearity that quickly proves dull and unrewarding.Simplistic, unremarkable and undemanding. We don’t hate Kirbs, but this on-rails racer makes us start to…
GT Cube (Japan)53%2003-06-2085GT Cube’s way too easy and way too basic to leave its mark on the racing game world, even if it is enjoyable for a little while.
Conflict: Desert Storm 290%2004-01-0686Better than the last game, with more of everything. Better looking, sounding and playing it’ll stand or fall by its authentic wartime setting.Sandy warmongering. You can’t let any of your men die in this sequel, leading to all sorts of lifesaving heroics.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 200484%2003-09-2286Big? This is ginormous plus humungous, multiplied by gold. It might player exactly the same as Tiger Woods 2003, but by crikey, it’s a mutha.Apart form the ginormous size and a few tweaks for stattoes, it’s the same as the last one.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds70%2003-09-0886We’d love a Buffy game that captures the show’s powerful drama, sharp wit and stylish combar. This is good but it’s not great.Lacking in essential Buffiness, and noy just because the Gellar girl didn’t voice it. Good, but not great.
Freedom Fighters83%2003-09-2686Surprised us a little, this one. It’s engrossing and highly enjoyable when it gets going, offering straight-up blasting thrills and strategy.Blast invading Russian commies intent on taking over the US. Realistic? Not on your nelski. fun? Oh da.
Finding Nemo65%2003-05-1286Never going to top your Christmas list, but at least they’ve tried to turn out a respectable effort. Worth a rent for your kid sister.Horrible load times and stuttering graphics spoil what could have been enjoyable for rugrat gamers.
Disney’s Party56%2002-08-0186There are some fun and addictive minigames tucked away in among the others, but Disney’s Party fails to satisfy as a whole.Mickey and chums in a mildly entertaining party game – but would you pay 330 to be mildly entertained?
Dragon Drive D-Masters Shot (Japan)52%2003-08-0886It’s like expecting a Harley Davidson for Christmas, only to find Peter Davison sitting at the end of your bed instead. It’s so off the mark, we want to cry.
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King86%2003-11-0687A slasher elevated to something near true greatness by cinematic looks and simple-but-deep play mechanics. Sometimes repetitive but really thrilling.More playable characters, inclding Gandalf, and less button-mashing mak an epic, very enjoyalble sequel.
Dragon Ball Z Budokai43%2003-10-2887A very poor attempt at a fighting game and an extremely cynical use of a quality license that will do nothing but irritate fans of the series. Avoid.Dated fighter where the characters move as through their feat are lead-plated. Avoid even if you’re a DBZ fan.
The Simpsons Hit & Run80%2003-09-1687Far from original, and somewhat lacking in variety, but defintiely the best Simpsons game ever by a very long way. Jebediah would be proud.The Simpsons go all GTA and start driving recklessly and doling out the violence And what’s more, it works!
Worms 3D90%2003-10-3187Excellent in every way. It’s Worms in 3D, and if you loved he previous versions you’re going to be blown away by this.Turn-based strategy, but loopier than a tine of spaghetti hoops. The worms go 3D – all you ned for fun is three homicidal friends.
SSX 389%2003-10-2187Some annoying flaws, but it’s still got the skills ot pay the bills – and will keep you going until 1080° arrives in November.Improves over tis excellent predecessor with a range of modes, ludicrous tricks and a huge mountain.
Wallace & Gromit Project Zoo70%2003-10-0387It won’t win any awards for originality, but as ap ltform adventure it does very little wrong. It’s both entertaining and pleasing to the eye.Recreates the plasticene duo’s world brilliantly. Only a few fiddly bits let this youngsters’ platformer down.
FIFA Football 200485%2003-10-2487Tactical football. It’s the Serie A of soccer sims, and rewards those who spend the time to uncover its many subtleties.It wasn’t broken, but EA fixed it anyway, slinging in more stats, new animations and a great Career mode.
Bionicle29%2003-10-2087We’ve had bowel movements that are more enjoyable than this rubbish. Technically poor, terrible game design and intensely dull.Diabonicle, more like. Tedious and fiddly with a duff camera and no incentive to keep playing.
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg (USA)86%2003-09-2387If you’re after a completely new experience and don’t mind putting up with a few flaws, Billy’s your egg-rolling boy.Rescue the Chicken Elders by rolling an egg around and smacking bad guys with it. Hatch it while you can.
Mario Kart Double Dash!!93%2003-11-0788After all this time, thank goodness it doesn’t disappoint. Supreme multiplayer and an expanded GP mode add up to the best Mario Kart ever.The best Mario Kart ever – and the best multiplater title on GC. More characters, special weapons and crazy tracks.
Metal Arms: Glitch in the System82%2003-11-1888It’s got everything going for it and is great fun to play. If you’re looking for an original, clever shoot-’em-up that breaks all the rules then this is it.Well-designed bottylicious shooter. It’s big and it’s extremely tough. And we all love robots with guns, eh?
XIII86%2003-11-2588Despite some really basic errors, XIII is ambitiously big and beautiful, delivering enough of the right stuff to ensure you stick at it. Impressive.A flawed gem of a shooter. Rock-hard in places, with wonderful set peices and comic-book-style graphics.
Tony Hawk’s Underground79%2003-10-2788It’s a big game with some great new additions that will keep things feeling fresh. Unfortunately it could do with a little more overall polish.The latest Hawk’s lacks visual polish but the Story mode’s been massively improved.
Harry Potter Quiddich World Cup62%2003-10-2888We’ve made up better games involving elastic bands and office chairs. A treat for Quiddich lovers but proper sports fan’d be better off with basketball.Potter fans will love the details, but as a sports game, this broom-bsed title is one to sweep under the rug.
True Crime: Streets of LA75%2003-11-0488A great free-roaming crime game (and the only one out on Gamecube) but almost impossible to enjoy properly, thanks to its insane strictness.Looks great ,but can be fiddlier than a violinists’ convention. As close as you’ll get to GTA on ‘Cube.
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun67%2003-11-1188Apart form the opening sequence this fails to get the pulse racing and never feels like it’s going to blow you away. EA need to go back to the drawing board.Looks so old, it should come with Werthers Originals, and both allied and enemies are a bit thick. Disappointing.
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu45%2003-11-1188Would have been fairly decnt in an arcade 15 years ago, but these days this kind of thing simply isn’t good enough. A rental, then, at the very most.Repeated bashing that wouldn’ve been great 15 years ago. It’s okay, but only just. Batman deserves better.
Gladius70%2003-04-2588Persevere with this one. Get throuhg the first few hours and you’ll find that this is a unique strategy game with plenty to offer.Persevere with the tutorial and odd glitches – there’s a rewarding strategy title buried under the graphics.
The Hobbit58%2003-11-1188Not offensive, but not captivating either. There’s a lot of tedious wandering and the fights aren’t the high points they should be. Mmm… okay.Competent enough cutesy adventurr but somewhow not interesting, despite elves and dragond and dwarves.
Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike83%2003-10-2188Containing both entertaining brilliance and depressing mediocrity, Rebel Strike is an uneven but incredibly generous game.On-foot bits? Star Wars is about whizzing around in spaceships, not saving some bint with padded ears.
Beyblade: Super Tournament Battle10%2002-12-1988Simply abysmal. There’s no reason for this game ot exist. Now watch it zoom straight to the top of the Gamecube charts. There’s no justice.For £40, we’ll come and cheesegrater your eyes. It’s more fun and lasts longer than this spinning top sim.
Need for Speed Underground77%2003-11-1788It feels like it’s trying to do too mch at times, leaving itself open to accusations of style over substance. It still managed to entertain, though…Aargh! I can’t see… oh, that’s the graphics. This street racer need a bit more attention to detail, we feel.
NBA Live 200486%2003-10-1588Almost too clean for its own good, NBA Live 2004 is netherheless a huge and immensly impressive basketball game that easily sees off other, lesser efforts.This year’s NBA live has tighter controsl and a vastly improved Dynasty mode. A tad soulless, mind.
1080° Avalanche90%2003-11-2889Small but perfectly formed. 1080 is the choice of the discerning gamer who looks for fewer stunts and a more solid racing experience.Fewer tricks involved than SSX3 – more of a snowboard racer than an extreme sports title. You’ll grow to love it.
Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs Death84%2003-12-1289Not as clever as XII, and not as rewarding as Metroid, Dredd vs Death is still a fast-paced, thrilling and bloodt shooter with some neat ideas.An atmospheric, exciting shooter made better by the presence of the Big Chin himself, Judge Dredd. Drokk!
XGRA71%2003-11-2489Not a bad game, but it pales in comparison with F-Zero. The racing itself, although fun, is rarely thrilling enough to get you truly excited.Okay future racer, hampered by the fact tha it’s come out nearly the same time as the superior F-Zero GX.
The Sims: Bustin’ Out82%2003-12-1689Slow, often frustrating, but frighteningly engrossing at the same time. If you’re after a leisurely, open-ended experience then it’s highly recommended.What’s outside the house? Hmm? No longer is your sim confined to his own four walls. Agoraphobics beware.
Crash Nitro Kart53%2003-11-1189Imagine a world where ever copy of MK:DD spontaneously combusted. Then, and only then, should you consider this average kart racer.The basic graphics and cheart CPU karters are bad, but the loading times are ridiculous. Buy Mario Kart.
Super Bust-A-Move All Stars70%2003-02-1289Good, wholesome bubble-popping fun. But don’t bother with it unless )a you’ve never played it or b) your older Bust-A-Move’s falling apart.Bust-A-Move! On your Gamecube! Puzzle fans rejoice – but only buy it if you haven’t got a version already.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone70%2003-12-1189Remember, this is strictly for young Harry Potter fans. They’ll love it, we know that, but it’s hardly the greatest game ever.Out on PS2 before CoS, now out on Cube with grapgics nabbed from CoS. At least the game’s simple…
Jimmy Neutron Jet Fusion71%2003-09-1689A fun and simple gaming experience that builds gently and is free of frustration. Perhaps too linear and basic, but surprisingly absorbing nonetheless.Jimmy’s second game is a big improvement. A simple platformer good for younger gamers.
Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom32%2003-10-3189In its defence, the game is long and has many varied worlds. It takes ages to finish. Although it’s debatable whether that’s a positive thing. In summary, this is pants.The plot’s weak and the levels are badly designed – and Spongebob himself is nauseating.
Pokémon Coloseum (Japan)84%2003-11-2189It’s Pokémon in 3D, and you don’t have to be ashamed of liking it if you’re over 12 years old. How’s that for a pleasant result.
Mario Party 580%2003-11-1189A brillaint multiplayer package, and definitely one of the best Mario Parties yet. Steer clear of this one if you want a single-player game, though.A much better boardgame from Mazza, although the new Capsule system can slow things down a lot.
Atsumare!! Made in Wario (Japan)90%2003-10-1789Only Nintendo could have thought of something like this, and although it’s not a proper ‘big’ game, it deserves to be ranked as a multiplayer classic. Brand-spanking-brilliant.
NFL Street79%2004-01-1490It’s the American football game that does what little Madden NFL doesn’t. You’ll like it if you’re a fan of sport; otherwise…American footie hits the streets. The Challenge mode and four-player are great. It’ll take ages if you’re duff.
Gotcha Force69%2003-11-2790Arena-battling collect-’em-up, that’ll hold the interest of the younger gamer but simply isn’t refined or substantial enough for everyone else.Repetitive robot colelct-’em-up battler which is actually pretty good fun, if a tad simple and repetitive.
Looney Tunes: Back in Action56%2003-11-2490The duck and the ‘wabbit’ – together at last. Okay for young Looney Tunes fans who’re new to this sort of thing. A waste of cash for the rest.Irritating monkey-collecting platformer. You’ll find yourseld wearing a tinfoil hat to stop all the voices.
Rogue Ops62%2003-10-2990The latest in a long line of espionage games proves to be one of the weakest. Rogue Ops is never bad, but it’s only fun in fits and starts.The spirit of Joanna Dark lives on – but only just – in the form of Nikki Connors. Nowehre near as good, mind.
Hot Wheels World Race33%2003-10-3190What’s the point in this then? There are loads of driving games available and most of them are more fun. There is no reason for this game to exist.Ugly, gaudy and slow racer. Oh, and the handling’s rubbish. Too boring to have a place on your Cube.
Donkey Konga (Japan)88%2003-12-1290Frigteningly entertaining and remakable in multiplayer – a superb addition to the GC’s catalogue of party games.
Pac-Man Vs (Japan)80%2003-11-2790So basic that you’d think it couldn’t possibly be this much fun. A tremendous multiplayer game, but be warned – that’s all it is.You have to but an inferior game to get this multiplaer gem. Innovative but ultimately basic.
R: Racing Evolution (Japan)77%2003-11-2790Not brilliant, not bad at all. As long as you’re not expecting Ridge Racer, Burnout or a Gran Turismo beater, you’ll have fun with this one.
Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution85%2003-11-2790A Japanese gameplaying endeavour which is epic to the point of inconvenience. Or, in English: time to quit your job.Possibly the best all-out shooter on Gamecube, while online play makes it uniquely rewarding.
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (USA)91%2003-11-1890In its own way, this is every bit as sucessful a 3D update as the likes of Mario and Metroid. A seriously enjoyable game.Cunning puzzles and excellent levels make this a classic 3D platformer. It absolutely reeks of quality.
Beyond Good & Evil (USA)86%2003-12-1190Excellent production values make this an absorbing and incredibly rich experience that’s very difficult to fault. Highly recommended.Bautifully realised adventure in which heroine Jade has to keep track of wildlife under alien attack.
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes90%2004-03-0991Not the wholesome re-imaginging some were expecting but this is nonetheless a fine achievement and, crucially, day-wastingly fun.This game’s an old one, but the updated graphics and gameplay make the Snake snuff-fest a Gamecube essential.
Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Live91%2003-09-1291A magical experience you’re never likely to forget, and the best game in a series that’s never been less than excellent. An essential buy on Gamecube.Utterly charming farm sim. Souns unremarkable, but it’ll have you addicted in no time. Wonderful.
James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing68%2004-02-1191Barely above average, it’s only 007’s winning personality that makes the game more than just another dull movie tie-in – and it isn’t even based on a movie at all.Barely above average, this not-based-on-a-film film tie-in is only redeemed by 007’s winning personality.
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles86%2003-08-0891It’s not flawless, but once you’re working as a team, there’s nothing to touch it. This is gaming at its most boisterous and beautiful.Beautiful looking, but with expensive hardware needs. An ambitious multiplayer RPG that mostly works.
Sonic Heroes65%2003-12-3091Isn’t awful, but we want much more from Sonic – and time and time again it doesn’t deliver. Entertaining in places, then, but never particularly thrilling.We don’t hate Sonic, but if he keeps dishing out these woefully inadequate platformers we might start to.
Spawn Armageddon52%2003-11-2191Give it a try on rental, or save yourself the hassle nad play the more entertaining Blood Rayne instead.Plays like Devil May Cry, but nowhere near as good. Lock on, jump, fight, win, look for next fight…
Urban Freestyle Soccer17%2004-02-1291The characters are loathsome and the animation is terrible. There are worse games out there but this one represents a new low for Gamecube sports titles.The characters are loathsome and the animation’s terrible. A new low for Gamecube sports games.
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy69%2003-11-1091We so want to like it. It’s inventive and atmospheric and it certainly has its moments, but frustration and silly design choices spoil it.Some seemingly careless flaws ruin an otherwise fun game – and you’re going to love that Mummy!
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X70%2003-08-0791Still a good, solid adventure, but it’s only worth it if you’re interested in following the whole Resident Evil story – and if it’s going cheap…A very late port of this two-characer game. Solic Resi gameplay and a great plot are the big draws.
Puyo Pop Fever80%2004-02-2791It’s Sega’s last ever Dreamcast game (yes, they still made them until now in Japan) but the Gamecube version is the best one. Loads of puzzling fun.Blob-bursting puzzle fun. It’s nothing very new, but still a great puzzle title. The sort of thing girls love.
Dragon’s Lair 3D48%2002-12-2291At lest it’s true to its heritage in spirit. For nostalgia freaks only.As fiendishly unforgiving as the original, but no fun a all. For nosgalgia freaks only.
Tak and the Power of Juju69%2003-10-1592Ticks all the right boxes and is innofensive and enjoyable enough – but at no point is it ever truly exciting.Ticks all the right platforming boxes and is pleasant enough. But exciting? Not remotely.
Pool Paradise80%2004-05-0792It’s just pool. It isn’t any better than most other ocnsole pool games, and not as good as the PC version. But it is fun.Actually quite good tropical-themed pool sim – and you get to play more than boing old nine-ball.
Goblin Commander: Unleash the Horde72%2003-12-1692A lightweight, but fun, RTS. It has some visual lapses and a short lifespan, but any sequels should be watched keenly.Lead your rather small army of grunts to victory in this entertaining (if slightly simple) RTS.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles40%2003-10-2192One-dimensiaonal, with no real novelty value to keep toy interested. We can’t recommend it, even to Turtle-heads.Pick a turtle. Any turtle. They’re all the same. A shallow button-basher that should’ve stated in the sewer.
Pitfall: The Lost Expedition48%2004-02-1992The kind of thing that could have Toy Story or Shrek characters in it, and still no real gamers would care.Colourful but short and shoddily-put-together platformer starring a hero from days of yore.
Pokémon Channel24%2003-07-1892A collection of odds and sods that should ahve been tacked onto a proper game, not sold seperately. For masochists only.Watch really rubbish telly with Pika. Becasuse that’s what having a good time is all about…
Carmen Sandiego: The Secret of the Stolen Drums70%2004-03-0592Although there’s nothing particuarly amazing or original ehre, it’s the sort of game a ten-year-old would get a lot of value from. Make of that what you will, or cut out this review and pass it to your mum…Reasonable edutainment title, which sees junior gamers globetrotting after an art thief.
Disney’s Hide & Sneak25%2003-11-1892This is slow, repetitive, boring rubbish that only reinforces Mickey’s feeble Gamecube reputation.Micke hides in things and sneaks past enemies. Stealth-action without any action. Tedious. Terrible.
Pokémon Colosseum84%2003-11-2193Not quite the RPG epic we expected, but it’s enjoyable and the Colosseum mode will last till the end of time.Not the epic RPG we expected, but it’s fun enough and Colosseum mode will last you forever.
Mission: Impossible Operation Surma69%2004-03-2393Accomplished at times, but lacking the flexibility and freedom that makes other stealth games so much fun.More accomplisehd than the terrible first M:I title, but lacking in flexibility an freedom somewhat.
Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhem31%2004-03-0293Scooby Doo does the Resi-lite thing again, and do we care? Nope. Sorry. Not a bit. And neither should you.Feeble puzzles and a terrible plot mean Scoob continues his run of appaling software mistakes. Rooby Ron’t!
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords + (Japan)92%2004-03-1893Why didn’t they think of this years ago? A superb adventure and a great showcase for the GBA-GC link.
Custom Robo (Japan)82%2004-03-0493Immediate, lively and easy to learn. Creating your own Go-sen has never been so enjoyable. PAL version, please!
Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution82%2003-11-2794Possibly the best all-out strategy game on GC, whilse online play makes it uniquely rewarding and compelling.
World Racing19%2004-04-0894Unremakable in every single way, except for when the cars pasue mid-race and the sky vanishes.Huge, with multiple routes, but grotty. Cars pause, the sky vanishes, you can drive in the sea… shoddy.
Serious Sam: Next Encounter83%2004-04-1494Intense from the first second ot the final hour, this is back-to-basics shooting. Cheap, cheerful and fun.Cheap, cheerful and fun, although non-stop shooting can get a bit much after a while. Still, for £20…
Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku50%2004-03-2394Below-par platform adventure with severely limited fighting. Stick with the cartoon series for now.Bwlow-part fighting with severely limited fighting. Doesn’t do the cartoon series justice.
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour85%2003-07-2895Good clean wholesome fun that’s easy to get into, difficult to master and will last you flippin’ ages.Not as deep and stat-tastic as Tiger Woods, but offers far more in the way of instant, easily accssible fun.
Shrek 247%2004-04-2895Not a terrible game as such – it tries to be entertaining – but it’s a repetitive and techncally poor use of a license.An innovaitive co-op mechanism doesn’t compensate for the shoddy presentation and dull gameplay.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban79%2004-05-2995These Potter games are improving all the time – this is the best yet and even without Harry it’d be a fine game.The pottr games keep getting better – this’d be fun even wtithout Harry. The controls let it down a tad.
Asterix & Obelix XXL32%2004-06-1895A complete waste of time and money. Not just for your, but for the poor souls who had to make it in the first place.Bollix! A complete waste of your, and the developers’, time and money. Run, jump, collect – YAWN!
Pikmin 2 (Japan)92%2004-04-2995Sprawling, atmospheric and bursting with that Nintendo magic, this is strategy gaming touched with genius.
Spider-man 284%2004-06-2996Now without its flaws, but htis is the best super hero game we’ve seen and is unlikely to be matched for some time.The feeling of being Spider-Man… we’ve waited a long time for a game that really made us feel like a hero.
Rainbow Six 365%2004-06-1596Nowhere near as clever as it should be. There are better, prettier and more enjoyable shooters worthy of your time.You can play this like a single-characer stealth title, giving you no incentive to use your team. Poor.
WarioWare Inc.90%2003-10-1797Very original, very funny and, more importantly, very inclusive. It’s one of the best party games ever created. Fantastic.Quirky oriignal party game where players are hit with a barrage of three-second minigames. Addictive foolery.
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow78%2004-07-1597It’s very good. You ought to play it, even though you might suffer from stealth fatigue by the end of it all.A decent gme, albeit a poorly converted one, but the horribly glitchy last level spoils it.
Catwoman46%2004-07-2097An average game at best, made worse by some bewildering design choices – now get it out of our sight.An unimaginative platform adventure made worse by horribly frustrating gamepaly and a rubbish camera.
Second Sight90%2004-09-0397Intelligent, engaging and immaculately produced – this is one of the finest Gamecube games of 2004.Beautifully done action and stealth combine with a superb story to make a real star game. Don’t miss out on this one!
Animal Crossing90%2001-12-1498A genuinely new type of game. Entrancing, engrossing and saccharine-sweet, it’s simple but brilliant.Live living on the island of Doctor Moreau – run errands and socialise with your animal neighbours.
WWE Day of Reckoning74%2004-08-3098A big improvement over WrestleMania XIX. But its ambitions are so limited that it comes across as WWE Smackdown Lite.Far better than either Wrestlemaina, but we’d like the chance to play as a Superstar in Story mode. Adequate.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 200588%2004-09-2198The biggest, most varies, most refined golf game ever. Of coruse, next year’s version will be better…The biggest, most refined golf game ever. Bigger than before, with stacks of new features – simply brilliant.
Tales of Symphonia (USA)84%2003-08-2998If you’ve been looking for a huge, absorbing Japanese RPG for your Gamecube then you’ll find it right here.
Donkey Konga88%2003-12-1299Better mini-games and user-defined drumming patterns would have been nice, but this is still brilliant.Drum along to a soundtrack, following the symbols on-screen for left bongo, right bongo, both bongos or clap. It’s the sor of game that almost anyone can pick up and play. It’s also completely addictive and tremendous fun. Despire the extra bongos costing £20 a set, the multiplayer makes it worthwhile.
Def Jam: Fight for NY80%2004-09-2099More varied than any other fighting game, it’s only the jerkiness that spoils things for Def Jam Fight for NYFollowing on directly from the end of Def Jam: Vendetta, this is yet another wrestling/rap crossover that will appeal to fans of both genres. The wrestling is slickly executed and there are masses of unlockables and extras to keep you occupied. Unfortunately, it is ruined by a poor framerate.
FIFA Football 200575%2004-10-0899New player stats plus one new feature. Very nice but you’ve probably already owned this for a year.
NHL 200580%2004-09-2299A good, solid hockey sim that’s a huge improvement over last year’s version. Worth a slap-shot or two.This is a slick, quick game of hockey. The action’s quick and the AI and grapgics have been improved, but if you dislike the sport there simply won’t be enough here to convince you that it’s worthwhile. For the fans though, it’s east to learn and you can rack up huge scores. Good fun.
Ribbit King45%2003-07-1199It looks so sweet and Japanese, we really wanted to like it. Frogs… golf… bears… But it blows.
Future Tactics: The Uprising60%2004-05-1099A cheap, original title that proves to be enjoyable enough, but reathy heavy with flaws. For £20 it’s worth a look.
Madden NFL 200586%2004-08-0999It’s not a big leap from last year’s version and it’s truly harsh. But it is a stunning recreation of American football.The main change to this instalment is the inclusion of the hit stick, which lets you decide how much physical impact your tackles have. Apart from that, and a few tweaks to defensive plays and franchise mode, it’s pretty much business as usual, with all the usual stats and player updates you’d expect.
Pikmin 292%2004-04-2999A vastly superior sequel to a brilliant original. The very essence of that ol’ Nintendo magic, and a rude amount of fun.Louie, Olimar’s assistant, has shown himself to be less than efficient at managing the business. Happily, it means they’ve had to return to Earth for a longer session of collecting treasure, along with two new types of Pikmin to help them. Bigger, better and even more enjoyable than the original.
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door91%2004-07-22100Another outright classic from Nintendo, but this one is a more rarefied choice than most. It demands to be played.With Mario’s papery ability to fodl himself into a paper plane or turn sideways to become nigh-invisible, plus a great fighting mechanism and rippale scenery, this is a brilliant example of Nintendo doing what it does best – creating unique games.
X-Men Legends80%2004-09-21100It has its problems, but overall it’s enjoyable, and the multiplayer adds replay value. A must-have for X-Men fans.
Tales of Symphonia84%2003-08-29100A solid RPG with an engaging battle-system and plenty of hours of entertainment. Recommended.This is very much a traditional RPG, and a very good lookning one at that. The characters are beautifully designed and the locations are all, without exception, stunning. The only downer in the visual stakes is the relatively ugly overworld. The ribbish, clichéd dialogue wil have you gnawing your arm off, too.
The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age69%2004-11-02100It’s flawed, frustrating, shallow and repetitive, but still capable of RPG-lite thrills, and it offers unrivalled atmopshere.
Mega Man X: Command Mission61%2004-07-29100Not a bad effort, but RPG veterans won’t find anything to engage them. Best left to the youngsters it’s aimed at.
Need for Speed Underground 269%2004-11-15100Looks a lot better in static screenshots than in motion, although you’ll probably get used to it if you make the effort.
Ty the Tazmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue
64%2004-10-12100It’s hard to tell who this is aimed at, given its bright colours and unforgiving nature. It’s definitely not us…
NBA Live 200571%2004-09-28100Awesomely comprehensive behind the scenes, slightly inadequate on court. Difficult to score, this.
Terminator 3: The Redemption76%2004-09-09100It’s good fun and, until they get the same development team working on a proper all-killing, all-evil Terminatoe 1 game, it’ll remain the only excuse for Arnie to be allowed near a console.
Tony Hawk’s Underground 282%2004-10-04100Like the previous Underround, there are some bits that really don’t belong in a skateboarind game -driving vehicles, spray-painitng walls and running around on foot. These bits are still crap, and should have been left out. Everything else is great.This time the graphics have a more cartoony feel, and Story mode features a lot of Bam Margera, so if you find him annoying there’s a very good chance you won’t like this game. Some bits don’t belong in a skateboard game, like driving vehicles and walking, for example – what rubbish. The rest is great, however. It keeps the classic Tony Hawk gameplay and included chunks of the first three games- with a timer!
GoldenEye: Rogue Agent66%2004-11-22101Does bad-Bond gunplay very well but it’s shallow and wearying in the long run, buttressed by some half-hearted gimmicks.
The Urbz: Sims in the City58%2004-11-09101Why engage in such a soulless experience just so you can achieve the dubious status of King of the Pillocks?
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes94%2004-11-15101A darker, harder and denser beast than Prime, it doesn’t show its colours easily – but when it does, it truly shines.Another outstanding outing for Samus Aran as she switches between dimensions to save the Luminoth from the Ing. The story is enriched by the logs you find, and Samus has useful new weapons and abilities. The landscaped aren’t as varies and awe-insporing as Prime’s, but that’s our only complaint.
Spyro: A Hero’s Tail51%2004-11-02101Polished and eminently playable, there’s nonetheless something pedestrian about the purple dragon.
The Incredibles50%2004-11-01101Lucky for Disney that dull console games don’t seem to affect the performance of big movies at the box office.
Mario Power Tennis (Japan)91%2004-10-28101A delicious blend of pleasure and pain. Everyone should own a copy of this (and practice lots as well)
Kururin Squash!81%2004-10-14101Bigger, harder and more varied than its GBA counterpart, this is an excellent if frustrating puzzle game.
Donkey Konga 2: Hit Song Parade (Japan)83%2004-07-01101More bongo brilliance, with music you’d never have thought to listen to. One to expand your horizons, perhaps.
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures89%2004-03-18102An obscure Zelda game that’s demanding on your pockets – but it’s one of the finest multiplayer games ever.This is an obscure Zelda game that’s pretty hard on the pockets – in multiplater mode, each of the four players need a GVA and link cable. Nonetheless, it’s great fun, very amusing and would ahve score more highly if the best bit of the Japanese version – Tetra’s Trackers – had been included.
King Arthur25%2004-11-18102There’s a great game to be made from the Arthur legend, but this definitely isn’t it. Avoid at all costs.
Call of Duty: Finest Hour75%2004-11-16102The best World War II title on any console. Not perfect, but if waging war is your thing, Call of Duty is your game.
Prince of Persia: Warrior Within88%2004-11-30102Great to look at, great to play. And happily, the good parts more than outweigh the slightly dodgy fighting.The Pricne is older and his game’s got more ‘mature’ (so, scantily-clad ladies and smart-arsed comments have been dropped in). It’s still great to look at and great to play, with trickier puzzles than the first game, and although the fighting is a bit dodgy, the rest of it more than outweighs that problem.
Viewtiful Joe 2 (USA)87%2004-11-18102Lacks surprise, but makes up for it with some welcome changes. One of the best action games you’ll ever play.
Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat87%2004-12-16103A captivating game while it lasts – but beyond the high-score challenge, there’s nothing to bring you back.Get the bongos out, it’s time to change your gaming habits. Gone are the days of using the D-pad for platformrs. Who needs them when you’ve got bongos? This might sound odd, but it all makes sense in practice. Be warned: you’ll need a Radox bath to sooth your aching arm muscles by the end of it.
NFL Street 281%2004-12-22103Very good. The ideal post-Christmas treat for the NFL fan who has everything.This game tears up the rulebook and gives you licence to run like hell, boasting a new ability that lets you run around the walls Prince of Persia-style to gain height when catching or passing a human pile-up. A quality package, though probably without mass apeal outside the US.
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events55%2004-11-09103Standard, all too average, Hollywood movie adaptation with more than a touch of the Harry Potters about it.
Shark Tale40%2004-09-29103Games based on CG cartoon movies should have their own section in the shops, right under a gigantic neon sign that says ‘gullible parents, empty your wallets here’.
Medabots Infinity19%2003-11-28103This hums. That it comes from Natsume, the Japanese publisher behind Harvest Moon, makes it all the more depressing. If anyone wants our copy, email us at the usual address, explaining what you’re willing to swap it for.
Mario Party 6 (USA)70%2004-11-18103Still Mario Party. Still good. But for what it costs, you might be better off buying an older, cheaper version.
Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (USA)83%2003-12-05103A visual treat let down by dreadful voice and script work, this is a solid adventure and the best card-based RPG around.
Amazing Island (USA)60%2004-01-15103The minigames play like something that should have been included as a bonus mode in a much bigger game.
Resident Evil 497%2005-01-11104A phenomenally high standard for survival horror – it’s an intensely satisfting game of quite astounding quality.
UEFA Champions League72%2005-02-04104Short but sweet. If this is an indication of the qualirt of FIFA 2006, we’re looking forward to it much moren now.
NBA Street V390%2005-02-08104There’s something for everyone in here. Slick, customisable basketball with lots of flair and a little dash of Mario.Think Space Jam meets NBA Jam mets EA’s NBA Street and you’re pretty much there. For the Gamecube incarnation, EA heaped in a load of Nintendo characters. This is entertaining arcade basketball with all the quirks of Nintendo. What more do you need?
Mario Power Tennis91%2004-10-28104The best tennis game on the current console generation, and a uniquely competitive multiplayer experience.If you stick with it and learn the ins and out of the power shots, you’re left with an incredibly tacical game. It levels the field, making it a stage where the most seasoned veteran can take on the most casual gamer and still have a closely fought match.
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect88%2005-03-21105Its impact is blunted by a wealth of similarities to TS2, but this is still very polished and immensely entertaining.This wasn’t the revolution that was promised. Instead it was just given a bit of a spring clean and a rething. It’s packed with juicy extras and the Story mode is a lot more cohesive as a single-player game. However, the trademark humour is in place and the multiplayer’s still explosively good fun.
FIFA Street71%2005-02-22105Doesn’t quite match the other EA Street games, but now FIFA has gone serious, this is good arcade footy action.
Mario Party 660%2004-11-18105Not the greatest party ever. This series is in desperate need of a fresh injection of originality.
Fight Night Round 270%2005-02-28105A decent boxer and if not for a wobbly moment, this could have beaten Knockout Kings.
Viewtiful Joe 287%2004-11-18105A brilliant sequel that lacks surprises, but builds on the original game with finesse and finely-judged additions.The original Viewtiful Joe wowed us all with its original mixture of 2D and 3D fighting. This instalmnt is more of the same in terms of gameplay, but there have been some slight tweaks, like the inclusion of Sylvia, a new playable character whose different FX powers alter the style of the puzzles.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus50%2004-10-19105The game looks great, and there’s a little variety given the inclusion of racing sequences. Nevertheless, Battlenexus struggles to rise above the oridinary and, unlesse you’re a huge turtles fan, it’s best left alone.
Neighbours from Hell12%2005-03-04105It’s complete rubbish. The fuzzy graphics make it impossible to tell what many objects are supposed ot be, and the gameplay is all trial-and-error. If the pranks had amusing results then there might be reaosn to keep playing past the first five minutes, but since they’re all about as funny as a motorway pile-up, this game deserves nothing but out contempt.
Robots38%2005-02-24105Chat to robot, collect stuff, yawn. Robots may look okay, but it is a tedious treasure hunt.
Street Racing Syndicate58%2004-08-31105Although not bad, Namco have delivered a racer completely devoid of both excitement and exhilaration.
Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams73%2004-10-11105One for the younger gamers it ma be, but Tak 2 is nonetheless surprisingly adept.
Star Fox Assault (USA)73%2005-02-14105An average shooter that stuggles to impress on any level. Disappointing, but not exactly heartbreaking.
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory85%2005-03-30106A tinkering more than a change, but it’s better balanced. The co-op is a plus as the solo mode can still be annoying.This was the game that was supposed to give the Splinter Cell series a kick up the arse; unfortunately that didn’t happen. What did happen was a thorough spit and polish job – for example, the levels are no longer linear – and as a result it feels much fresher. The addition of a co-op mode was also very welcome.
Baten Kaitos83%2003-12-05106A very solid RPG that’s beautiful and rewarding enough to make the time investment worthwhile.Role-playing adventure with card-based battles. This game is unique and delivers a wonderful, magical and fantastical world – the stunning vistas, towns and interiors are awash with lavish colours. Even the card system works well. Unfortunately it is let down by some stilted and painfully wooden voice acting.
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 259%2004-12-15106Although this looks great, unfortunatelt ir doesn’t play that way. This is only for the hardcore fans out there.
Ghost Recon 249%2005-03-15106Ghost Recon 2 isn’t worth a fresh look. Inferior to the original, it deserves a thorough exorcism. With a hammer.
Kao the Kangaroo Round 259%2005-04-15106Apart from badger herding, there is nothing new here. This game could have been made for the N64.
Spondebob Squarepants: The Movie61%2004-10-27106We’re talking 3D platforming business as usual, spoiled by more than its fair share of annoyingly amateurish moments.
Winnie the Pooh’s Rumbly Tumbly Adventure60%2005-02-15106This is, however, a very well made game in a genre of half-hearted licences and knock-offs. We wouldn’t play it and nor should you, buf if you want to keep a five-year old quiet…
Harvest Moon: Song of Happiness (Japan)85%2005-11-10107A tricky import, but if you’re a fan of the series, don’t hold your breath waiting for the UK version. You’ll die.
Donkey Konga 3 (Japan)80%2005-03-17107It says ‘for Japan only’ on the back of the box, and does it ever mean it? But you kno you want more bongo fun, right?
Donkey Konga 288%2004-07-01108A second change to get tendonitis. The songs may be cover versions, the menus may be pretty poor and there aren’t enough minigames, but this is more of the same bongo and beats action that we all loved first time around. Just don’t play Solo mode in a crowded room: you’ll look like a moron.
Animaniacs: The Great Edgar Hunt55%2005-05-27108
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Japan)89%2005-04-20108
Killer784%2005-06-09109A brave attempt at doing something completely different. It’s not without its flaws, but you won’t find anything else like it.Capcom’s highlt original, inventive and downright weird adventure is certainly interesting. You play Harman, the man with a squad of deadly assassins inside his head. You can choose between seven of his different personalities – each with their own specific abilities – in your quest ot defeat the Heaven’s Smiles.
Batman Begins41%2005-06-15109Feels more like work than fun – look at Spider-man 2 to see how superhero games should be done.
Medal of Honor: European Assault62%2005-06-07109The bold step in a new direction has proven little more than a shuffle. Despite an overhaul, the series is showing its age.
The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction79%2005-08-23110While it doesn’t look stunning, this is still a good action title and the best Hulk game to date.The Incrdible Hulk takes a leaf out of Spidey’s book and goes mental in a large, free-roaming city. Almost everything is destructible and you have the ability to weaponise pieces of the environment. However, it does have its flaws, like the way its difficulty curve is based entirely on flinging more rockets at you.
Madagascar50%2005-05-24110What’s the point in playing Madagascar when you could be playing something like Mario Sunshine?
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory40%2005-07-15110Totally devoid of fun ofr any age. Non-existent level design and about three ideas repeated endlessly. Steer cleer.
Fantastic 453%2005-06-27110Not even exciting, this isn’t as fresh as we might have hoped for. Hang on to your cash until Ultimate Spider-Man.
Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix (Japan)77%2005-07-14110The Story mode is a bit simple, so stick it on Free mode and shuffle your feet to the best Mario tunes. Good fun.
Chibi Robo (Japan)90%2005-06-23110The gaming equivalent of a nice comft duvet. This is original, charming, beautifully designed and should not be ignored.
Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness (Japan)86%2005-08-04111XD gives us what we’ve been waiting so long for. This is the game Colosseum should have been.
Geist61%2005-08-15111A melting pot of the brilliant and banal. Sadly, the latter outweighs the former. A real disappointment.
WWE Day of Reckoning 270%2005-08-29111Fun, but disappintingly gltchy and too similar to the first game. It’s only really worth it if you haven’t played that one.
Mario Superstar Baseball (Japan)80%2005-07-21111The Challenge mode is a bit light, but the baseball is tough enough and there are plenty of classic Mario moments.
Rainbow 6: Lockdown44%2005-09-27111There’s no point in a squad-based shooter if your squad are a bunch of simpering idiots. This needs sorting out.
Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life (USA)80%2004-07-08111It’s still an entrancing and relaxing game, but it should really be called Harvest Moon: It’s The Same Wonderful Life.
Spartan: Total Warrior82%2005-10-07112Looks great and leaves you physically exhausted. It’s total warfare for your joypad and thumbs.You take control of Spartan, a conveniently named Spartan warrior, as he sets out to dismember every single Roman in the world. With up to 200 people on-screen at any given time, this is hectic, violent and bloody, but it’s great fun.
FIFA ’0670%2005-09-30112If the players’ had some personality to go with their good looks, this could have been the best FIFA yet.
Sonic Gems Collection (USA)59%2005-08-11112Sadly, this is a curiousity and nothing more. Sonic CD isn’t bad, but the others make us feel, well, uneasy…
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 200681%2005-09-20112Tiger’s undeniable quality has survived the tweaks. As impressive as ever but not great leap forward in evolution.Tiger Wood’s almost perfect swing system has had a few tweaks for 2006. The ball is now controlled by the C-stick and putting is now on the analogue stick. Despite being tricky to get used to, the classic Tiger Wood gameplay remains intact.
Scooby-Doo Unmasked51%2005-09-12112A dull, lifeless platformer that’s bettered by the lieks of Crash Bandicoot and Rayman. The shame.
Madden NFL 200680%2005-08-08112It’s still a magnificent game, but the great strides of the last few seaosns have stalled for ’06.Despite the fact that it hasn’t had any real improvements to the gameplay, it’s still one of the slickest games of American football on Gamecube. Superstar mode and QB mode have been added, but they don’t add anything to the series.
NHL 200688%2005-09-06112Cracking arcade-style hockey that returns the series to its finest hour on the Mega Drive. You’ll love it.EA has made some big changes this time around, taking the arcade-friendly approach that made the NHL series such a hit in the first place back on the Sega Mega Drive. We loved it then, and we love it now – with real-time ice trails and everything!
NBA Live ’0655%2005-09-26112It is the most realistic basketball game we’ve played for ages, but realism doesn’t make up for the jerky action.
Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue60%2005-08-16112We can’t remember seeing Kitty kill anyone, but other than that, she’s been represented well in this game.
Battalion Wars90%2005-09-19113Brillaint fun. An absolute blast from start to finish, without question, the best action strategy game available.
Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness86%2005-08-04113Over 20 hours of thrilling role playing adventure, plus enless Pokéwar. We’re sold on this one.
Mario Smash Football69%2005-11-18113A decent five-a-side game, but it lacks the attention to detail we’ve come to expect from Mario sports games.
Ultimate Spider-man70%2005-09-22113Almost like a backwards step – feels much more kidsy than the last Spidey. Roll on Eliza Dushku in Spider-Man 3.
The Sims 268%2005-10-24113It’s compulsive in fits and starts, but is generally what you’d expect from real life played out on a television screen.
Mario Superstar Baseball80%2005-07-21113No one will complain that Mario is being milked if he continues to star in sports games as good as this.
Dancing Sage Mario Mix77%2005-07-14113It’s got good tunes, good mini-games and a good blend of Mario and rhythm action. But it’s not great.
Lego Star Wars80%2005-10-26113Simple, as easy as breathing, but hugely entertaining. A ‘kids’ gane that can be played by anyone.
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects30%2005-09-20113Somewhere in this world are a bunch of people who feel very ashamed of themselves.
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse80%2005-09-20113This is as solid and enjoyable a hack and slash co-op dungeon crawl as you’ll likely get your mits on.
King Kong79%2005-11-17114Excellent, atmospheric stuff, hampered by the limitations of the film locations and some dull monkeying about.
Need for Speed: Most Wanted78%2005-11-15114The cops breathe life back into the series but, compared to Burnout 2, Need for Speed: Most Wanted is still lacking.
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One80%2005-11-01114A basic but enjoyably frantic shooter that ticks all of the usual WW2 boxes with considerable flair.
GUN62%2005-11-08114Too much of the bad and ugly, not enough of the good. Gun seems to lose interest in itself well before sundown.
Shadow the Hedgehog51%2005-11-15114Just… no. Sonic with guns is a rubbish idea, badly executed. About as street as your mum, and twice as ugly. Avoid.
SSX On Tour82%2005-10-11114It’s enjoyable, demanding and satisfying, in much the same way as SSX 3. Too much, maybe.
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance91%2005-04-20114Tough, engaging and even a little emotional. Path of Radiance is the perfect game for those long winter nights.
James Bond 007: From Russia With Love60%2005-11-15114It’s easy to pick up and moderately fun, but it’s also stunningly basic, very linear and an imagination vacuum.
Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland81%2005-10-18114More skateboarding than you’ll know what to do with. Say goodbye to your social lives now, Hawk fans.
Crash Tag Team Racing47%2005-10-21114With an idea as bad as car fusing, this could never hope to compete with Mario Kart. Dreadful stuff.
Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble (Japan)80%2005-09-29114An incredibly quirky and intense multiplayer brawler that is surprisingly good fun, but almost too manic.
Mario Party 755%2005-11-07115But Mario Party 5. But a Nintendo 64 and Mario Party 2. Send the message to Nintendo: enough!
The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer60%2005-11-01115Gentle, fun and almost impossible to dislike. It’ll keep even the most devilish baby happy for a few hours.
True Crime: New York City70%2005-11-16115It’s inherently flawed and well short of GTA’s quality and invention, but New York City is still ambitious and fun.
Shrek: Superslam65%2005-10-25115Far better than a lot of licensed stuff we’ve seen recently, but still a basic brawler.
Spongebob Squarepants: Lights, Camera, Pants54%2005-10-19115Why waste money on one bad SpongeBob game when you can get 30 in one box?
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones74%2005-12-01115A good climax to a great series, but not a fitting one. It makes the right moves but doesn’t quite scale the heights.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire65%2005-11-08115All bases covered on the ‘looking a lot like the film’ front, but it’s a bit lacking on ‘actually being fun to play’.
Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 4 (Japan)83%2005-11-21116A unique-looking fighter with an interesting, super-heavy approach to battling. Very different, but hugely enjoyable.
Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble61%2005-09-29117Red Hot Rumble is a simple, imaginative brawler with charm to spare, but it’s just too frenetic for its own good.
Namco Museum70%2002-10-09117You can’t argue with the selection of games on offer here, with some genuinely enjoyable classics and real gems.
Pac-Man World 364%2005-11-15117Simple platforming action that’s all fairly enjoyable and totally inoffensive. Not bad.
Sonic Riders75%2006-02-21118Fast, furious and frustrating, this Sonic is full of spectacle but sadly lacking in subtlety.
FIFA Street 261%2006-02-28118Tilted too far into fantast, FIFA has become as unbalance ad Didier Drogba on ice.
The Chronicles of Narnia80%2005-11-14119
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (USA)91%2005-11-10120
2006 FIFA World Cup Germany72%2006-04-24120
Super Monkey Ball Adventure68%2006-07-14NGamer 1It tries its best, but it simply isn’t good enough. Too frustrating for younger players, and too fussy and inconsiderate for anyone else. Still, if you must..
Radirgy GeneriC (Japan)66%2006-05-25NGamer 1Decent sky-high death-dealing that gets better with every hour of play – but it’s missing the energy and enthusiasm of karuga. Still wearing the wristband, though.
Pac-Man World 356%2005-11-15NGamer 1A competent, by-the-numbers platformer that isn’t nearly as vile as we were expecting – but then that’s hardly your cue to make a dash for the shops, now, is it?
Namco Museum15%2002-10-09NGamer 1Great games (well, some), cynically recycles. Unless you can find 50th Anniversary for a couple of quid or less, this is the worst value on GameCube.
Over The Hedge58%2006-05-09NGamer 1£40 for a game that never really evolves beyong the ‘fun’ of clobbering animals and making off with people’s cereal boxes? That’s daylight shrubbery.
X-Men: The Official Game38%2006-05-16NGamer 1This is substandard licensed tosh that belongs in the pre-GoldenEye era: insipid third-person scrapping with limited moves, dumb enemies, and a murky world of factories and drab cityscapes.
Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy89%2006-09-11NGamer 2Builds (hoho) on the brilliance of its predecessor with improved flying, vusier levesl – and all the best bits from the only Star Wars trilogy worth bortherinf with. Pure gaming.
FIFA 0764%2006-09-29NGamer 3Compotent, joyless football by numbers. But if you don’t already own a FIFA game of some description, or you’re an Accrington fan, you’ll get your money’s worth.
Pac-Man World Rally61%2006-08-22NGamer 3When cutting and pasting Mario Kart into a Pac-Man template, someone forgot t oinclude the folder marked ‘Incredible Fun’. Does anyone really like Pac-Man as a person.
Harvest Moon: Magical Melody84%2005-11-10NGamer 3It’s one of the cassic RPG series, and great value for money if you want to spend the months of hard labour it’ll take to find every hidden note. Worth the effort.
The Sims 2 Pets66%2006-10-17NGamer 3The addition of pets has made Sims 2 marginally cuter, but the novelty quickly wears off as you still spend the majority of your time making sure the toiler is regularly cleaned.
Splinter Cell: Double Agent84%2006-10-24NGamer 4Ubisoft’s dependable Montreal studio has produced a Splinter Cell on par with the 360 version of the same name. This will tingle your heart strings just as much as your fingers.
The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning66%2006-10-10NGamer 4If you want to knacker all the buttons on your GameCube pads, this is the one. A button-masher that’s unlikely to set you ablaze.
One Piece: Grand Adventure (USA)77%2006-08-29NGamer 4Accessible arcade-style arena-fighter with an enviable single-player mode. If only it supported four players, this would be a definite must-have.
Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 (USA)66%2003-12-04NGamer 4Hardly likely to set the world alight – unless Naruto’s hairspay-doused barnet gets too close to one of those fiery special attacks, of course.
Baten Kaitos Origins79%2006-02-23NGamer 4Now quite as good as Baten 1, mainly because it feels too much like more of the same. But – fair deal (geddit?) – high production values and a magnificently epic story make it well worth a shot.
Need for Speed Carbon73%2006-10-31NGamer 4It’s still not meaty enough but Carbon throws some interesting new ideas at the series, adding breadth to a simple, easy but enjoyable racing experience.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)97%2006-12-02NGamer 5The game as a whole is, pretty much without argument, the best Zelda ever made.
Tomb Raider Legend81%2006-11-14NGamer 5A really enjoyable adventure with thrilling acrobatics, spectacular locations and satisfying rewards.
Open Season (Wii)60%2006-09-18NGamer 6Even the most die-hard platformer enthusiast may have a hard time sticking with it till the end.
The Any Bully (Wii)50%2006-07-24NGamer 6We’d much rather write about the genius of Bruce Campbell.
Shrek Smash N Crash Racing (USA)42%2006-11-21NGamer 7There are plenty of racing games on GameCube that do a much better job than this.
TMNT (Wii)59%2007-03-20NGamer 10This is by no means the car crash of a game that Ubisoft’s withholding led us to espect; it’s more of a servere car scrape against a bollard.
Meet The Robinsons (Wii)74%2007-03-27NGamer 10Love the movie? Hate the movie? Despite some clumsy controls and a tendency to keep throwing the same bits at you over and over (and over) again, this is recommended to all.
Surf’s Up (USA) (Wii)69%2007-06-01NGamer 13You wouldn’t want to but it, but you might spend an enjoyable few hours on it as a rental, or at a friend’s house: button-hammering, certoony, racing niceties. Predictable but okay.
Ratatouille (Wii)63%2007-06-26NGamer 14No shortage of ideas make this one of the better licensed titles, but its schizophrenic nature disguises sloppy gameplay.
Madden NFL 08 (Wii)80%2007-08-14NGamer 15An improvement on last year’s relase in almost every reard, but don’t think that EA’s push to bring families to the game will help you convince your mum to sift through the huge play book.