History of Nintendo 64 Games

I have decided to take a look at Nintendo 64 games. As a child, I read a lot of N64 Magazine and read about many games I never got to play, so I figured I would check out as many Nintendo 64 games as possible.

I won’t be playing the original N64 version of every game. Choices will be made on a case by case basis but generally

– Games famous for being N64 games I’ll be playing enhanced versions of, either via better emulation or enhanced ports. These ports can look nicer but still retain the overall look and feel of the N64 game.
– Games famous for being multiplatform or being on another platform, I will be looking at the specific N64 version of the game

My reasoning: I want to celebrate the N64 by playing the best version of games. However, for games better known for other platforms, the specific differences of the N64 version are what make it an N64 game, so I will be focusing more on that.

I will be ordering the games based on the first release date in any region – Wikipedia has a list that can easily be sorted in this manner, so is perfect for ordering the games and not missing any.

Some games will also receive special stickers:


Recommended games are the best of the best – games I still consider to be worth playing, even today.

The worst of the worst. These games were a horrible experience.

N64 Games by Date

1996: Jun, Sep, Nov, Dec

1997: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

1998: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

1999: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

2000: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

2001: Mar, Apr, Aug, Sep, Nov, Dec

2002 and Onwards

Virtual Pool 64 doesn’t have a fancy title because is isn’t anything fancy. Instead, it focuses on recreating the game of pool as well as popular. No story mode, no unlockable, no flair – it just sets out on providing you with a…

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Racing games that go for “realism” really don’t age as well as sillier and more arcade-style racing games, and GT 64 when it came out was already just a cheap cash-in to make itself look like Gran Turismo on the N64. Due to…

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There isn’t a lot to say about this wrestling game, it’s WCW/nWo World Tour again, this time sped up a little bit. After WWF War Zone, the graphics of Revenge now look extremely dated, and the create-a-wrestler options are severely limited, consisting of…

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40 Winks is fascinating more for its cancellation than the game itself. I remember being really interested in it when reading about it in N64 Magazine, and I was excited when I read the review, even though it wasn’t an astounding one. Then…

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Sports games evolved as the N64 got older, with more realistic looking players, better animation, smoother gameplay and better visual effects. NBA Jam 2000 didn’t get the memo and brings us a clunky games with gormless players that don’t look like they’re even…

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Dance Dance Revolution is a popular rhythm arcade game that has received many different versions. In the arcade, you have a sturdy dance platform with arrows that you have to step on based on on-screen arrows. For home console releases, the games were…

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When Starship Troopers became a big hit, Acclaim wanted to cash in on its success. Instead of trying to work out a licensing deal, they looked at their comic catalogue and realised one of them was a sci-fi marine comic. The comic didn’t…

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Compared to the previous NBA In the Zone, this feels slightly smoother in terms of running around with players, which is useful as passing is pointless and running close to the net and scoring is the best tactic. Any shot from further away…

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The “classic” board game The Game of Life is very popular in Japan. The board game is incredibly basic as you roll, move and do what the square you land on says, with the biggest choice you get to make is choosing what…

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The first tennis game on N64, and one that never came out in America. It’s a fairly simple tennis game, but is unfortunately plagued with control issues – the depth perception on the ball during service (you throw the ball far too high…

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Elmo’s Letter Adventure is a Sesame Street themed edutainment game, and one that’s rather quite bizarre due to how overly simplistic it is. The objective in each level is to find the same letter over and over again. You walk over and press…

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The Shiren the Wanderer series is a spin-off of the Mystery Dungeon franchise, a series that has used multiple IPs throughout the years – although the latest two games (as of 2024) have also been Shiren the Wanderer games. These are games about…

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