Rare Review: Viva Pinata

Note: I played this on my 360 when it originally came out. I booted it up to remind myself of some things. As the sequel is also on Rare Replay, I have opted to focus on that one instead, as I have not played it. Viva Pinata is a garden “tycoon simulator” type game (although

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Rare Review: Perfect Dark

The spiritual successor to GoldenEye. Without the Bond license, Rare made their own spy thriller, set in the near-future with the kick-ass Joanna Dark. Then on…

Rare Review: Banjo-Tooie

Banjo-Tooie is much bigger than Banjo-Kazooie, with vast, interconnected levels, more variety in terms of minigames, new transformations and worlds with some more amazing music from…