Games of the Generation | 35: Fallout 4

Returning to the post nuclear apocalyptic universe of Fallout, Fallout 4 sets itself in Boston. You start of in the a future inspired by ideas of what the 1950s saw the future as – a vision which gives Fallout its unique look and charm, seeing robots alongside ancient looking TVs, it creates for an interesting world and the catchy 1930s music adds to the fun of it.

The gameplay in terms of combat has been much improved, managing to feel like a fully fledged shooter. VATS is still a thing and is handy in some instances, but it no longer feels like you need to use it all the time – that said, the melee perk that lets you use VATS to warp to enemies is a ton of fun to use.

Settlements are a large part of this game, allowing for you to build elaborate structures and providing food and security to attract new people. You can set up merchants here as well, along with caravan routes between the many (possibly too many) settlements you can start.

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