Quick Review: TimeSplitters 2

  • Version Played: Xbox Series S (backwards compatibility)

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy this game as much as I remember. I think it’s in an odd place of feeling very dated, but also lacking something simple about what makes GoldenEye or Perfect Dark still incredibly fun to play.

TimeSplitters 2 still has great ideas, and the different settings in time are still wonderful, but there’s just something off. Possibly due to how disconnected they all feel, as Cortez turning into a character only visually happens in one level, and other levels include characters with motivations. I still think the Chiago level is great on its own, but it really does feel like its own thing and there’s no flow. I think one issue with the objectives in this is that the levels still feel like linear corridors.

When it came out, TimeSplitters 2 was a brilliant game, but it was early on in that generation of consoles, and the genre changed significantly throughout.

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