Carcassonne: Day 2

A street and a castle.

Second day in Carcassonne, the weather hadn’t picked up yet, so it was still cloudy. In the morning, we started off with a nice breakfast at La Rapière (Pain au chocolat with a hot chocolate/coffee) and then decided to explore as much of the old city as possible, trying going around the outer walls and exploring every street. The medieval city is beautiful from anywhere, and there’s a surprising amount to see.

Land Train! Choo Choo!
Near the main bridge.
The inner fortress.
Amazing views
A church at the base of the city, originally where the city had a water supply
It’s like a massive castle
Bumpy ruined path. Can’t go down here.
A view of the new city.
Behind the fortress
A surprisingly empty street in the city.
Still some space for a bit of garden
More towera
Well, what do we have here?
The Cathedral looked amazing
As well as some amazing stained glass windows

As it was a bit wet, we decided to look at one of the indoor museums: Musée de l’Inquisition, which was mostly lots of very savage looking torture devices that were used on “heretics”. We had a lunch at a larger-on-the-inside palace, although I can’t quite remember what we had, but we tried a drink called diabolo which is like a strawberry lemonade that tastes really nice (I’ve recently found out that it was Grenadine and lemonade).

After lunch, we went to explore the new city, pottered around a few shops, walked down a street covered by lots of umbrellas (didn’t get a picture for some reason, but there will be one on day 5) and went into a very dodgy looking supermarket which had a bar at the front, before getting some pizzas and Milka with Dime at a more major looking supermaket.

The view of Carcassonne from the bridge into the new city
A look down the river.
The main square.
A fancy foot bridge
Riverside buildings
The back of a tiny church
Carcassonne on the walk back to the apartment
A lovely looking street with a great view of the old city.
A wall with stunning artwork
Milka with Daim!

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