Carcassonne: Day 3

Leftover marks from an art piece.

on the day three, the sun was stating to come out. It was originally a bit cloudy in the morning but the sun was supposed to come out fully later. Louise was eager to take the walk along the ramparts, but I managed to delay it and said it would have nicer views if it were sunnier. I mainly wanted to find a nice spot on the walk to propose, and wanted the weather to be nicer when I did.

We wondered into the city in the morning and found a lovely little cafe called Blanche De Castille for a little breakfast before having another walk around the beautiful city.

Weather is picking up
Lots of wall.
City Gates
Chocolate pain, bread with jam, orange and coffee
Neither of us knew it yet, but this was THE tower.
Carcassonne from the outer wall.
We posed for photos, not knowing that the tower we were posing for was going to be important.
Yes, I am wearing a Sonic t-shirt.
The hill the old city sits on
Well, well, well.
One of the towers near the gates was a little art gallery.
Including this painting. It has a name and artist, but I don’t know either.

We had a lunch at a food court, choosing a pizza place called Bistro Fruits. We saw an egg pizza and had to see what it was like.

It was actually really tasty.

It was then time for the main fortress and the rampart walks, around most of the tall inner walls.

The inner castle walls.
Louise got a free ticket for being young!
Inner courtyard
The view for the first bit of wall.
Looking at the Pyrenees mountains from a tower.
A nice little garden
It’s quite high up.
Inside one of the towers.
A zoom in of the wall we spotted the previous evening.
Almost at the tower of magic.

While walking around the ramparts, I was keeping an eye out for a perfect spot. We reached a tower with an amazing view of the mountains and (after possibly too long staring at it), I proposed to my amazing girlfriend – now fiancee as she said yes! It was the best moment of my life!

The view from the tower.
The ring!

Now an engaged couple, we carried on our tour along the ramparts.

Old City rooftops
It looks like we’re on the wrong side of the fence, but we weren’t.
Fancy gardens. People actually live in the old city.
The gate house from the walls.
Fortress towers
A man getting his dog to pose for a photo.
Nearly back at the chateaux.
The inside of the fortress also had great views.
It’s only a model.
Our tower.
A rooftop and view.
Heading off along the other side of the walls.
The cathedral.
Some spectacular views.
Outdoor restaurant inside the city.
An old statue of Thomas the tank engine
Wallpainting form a small museum inside the fortress.
City, trees, mountains and sky.
A very fancy hotel.
The “front” side of Carcassonne
This is close to where the board game artwork is based.
Lots of trees in the distance.
A theatre, they were doing work on it.
We felt so high up
Towers and Trees
The cathedral
Can you feel the sunshine?
Does it brighten up your day?

We decided to celebrate with some food, so wanted to the new city and back looking at menus.

Good view of the city.
Main square.

We decided on a restaurant called La Taverne Moderne, which was closer to the old city and our apartment.

Louise was brave and had snails.
I had a posh looking salad thing.
And for the main course, we both had cassoulet.

It was an amazing day, where the best thing ever happened to me! To see the full photos head here.

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