Hands-On Preview: Justice Sucks Recharged

What sucks more, this or Kirby?

Justice Sucks Rechaged isn’t a “remaster”, but rather a sequel to a game called Roombo: First Blood. You play as a roomba-like vacuum cleaner, who at first has the task of hoovering up a family’s house and keeping it clean.

However, one night some burglars break in and you override your protocols and decide to keep the house safe. On order to protect valuables, you fire objects at the intruders and hack other technology to get in their way in Home Alone-sequel shenanigans. Once the enemies are down, you gain extra power by consuming their blood and their bodies.

A wholesome game about cleaning.

The next day, your house is attacked by the government who execute your family. Then a naked buff half-human half-roomba comes and kicks you into the TV, where you get absorbed into it. You then have to protects valuables in 90s themes levels, starting with a cruise ship music video. The government goons chase you into into TV land and try to capture valuables – your mission it to murderise and consume them all.

You can give a kitty a lift.

Consuming blood will charge up your special abilities, which consists of a charge attack, a holographic punch and a “phase” to escape enemies. As you can only survive three hits, this power is vital as you will need to use stealth to stay alive – although some batteries will be dropped by enemies to charge you back up.

I found the controls to be quite clunky, especially selecting targets for hacking and using powers as you have to be very specific as to how far you move the analogue stick. I feel like defaulting to the closest target would make things much smoother. I did like how the walls “phase out” so you can see through the, the effect is rather pleasing.

Do you think anyone will notice this mess?

Despite the blood and violence, Justice Sucks still manages to be rather charming. I’m curious to see the kind of variety that they can come up with for different situations.

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