Hands-On Preview: Faraday Protocol

A very art deco logo.

In Faraday Protocol, you progress through test chambers while a computer instructs you on what you do. In order to complete the tests, you must utilise a special gun which is vital to the puzzles of the game. Yes, this is a Portal-style puzzle game.

The gun in question this time is one that absorbs energy in order to activate different switches. It’s quite a bit like The Spectrum Retreat, a game where you “captured” blocks of colour to shoot them to activate switches and solve puzzles. I did encounter one big difference: the use of colours.

The starting area, before you head to the dark test chambers.

The Spectrum Retreat chose some bold colours that were quite different to each other, while the puzzle colours in Faraday Protocol are very subdued. This creates a problem for me: I can’t solve the puzzles normally due to being colourblind.

Trial and error worked here, but I fear later puzzles may end up impossible for colourblind players

One puzzle in the demo involved having to match up blue and pink (I think) icons to the right slot, but they just both looked like a baby blue to me. As I could tell the yellow apart (it’s a less pastel colour), it only took two attempts, but as puzzles get more complex, I don’t think I’d have the patience trying all the different combinations.

Black and Gold is the main colour scheme for the test chambers.

I do hope that colourblind support can be improved between now and the game’s release, as the lore sounds intriguing and the puzzles have potential.

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