Hands-On Preview: Strings Theory

No cheese, just string

Strings Theory is a puzzle game that is loosely based on the idea of subatomic particle physics. The objective is simple: collect the energy clouds dotted throughout the level and get all the characters to the goal.

Each of the three characters have their own abilities. Telly (the tall one) can push over squares to fill in gaps, Isaac (the crescent one) can travel to the “underside” of the map and walk over the faded out squares and the Twins can split up and magnetise towards each other.

The simple introductory level

One of the first major obstacles you will hit are moving platforms. However, they start off stationary and the direction they travel is based on the direction you step onto them. From then on, they’ll move back and forth. The hints in the game suggest that you can mess up levels (leading to having to restart), but I suspect this will only happen if you’re not paying attention.

These platforms are also how the magnetic ability of the Twins is mainly used, as you can manipulate the direction these platforms move in order to progress to different parts of the level. Throughout the levels in the demo, the abilities of the three characters are combined in interesting ways.

This one was quite a bit more complicated.

With these puzzles being the starting puzzles, it’s impossible to comment on how varied and difficult the levels in Strings Theory will be, but based on how interesting ideas were added into each puzzle in the demo, I think it will remain varied with a slow build up of difficulty.

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