Hands-On Preview: Teacup

No storm here, just Teacups

Teacup is a point and click adventure game about a young Frog called Teacup. A few days before she’s due to be hosting a tea party, she discovers that the worst thing imaginable has happened: she has ran out of tea.

Using her trusty guide of tea, Teacup ventures into the nearby forest to ask her neighbours for help to collect all of the ingredients she needs. You can read this guide at any point, which has a lot of rather interesting information about different teas and additives like mint and honey.

The badger badger is next to the mushroom mushroom stall.

As you talk to the colourful cast of characters, all drawn in a lovely art style, you will get pointers on how to track down everything you need. The demo only contains mint, but when the final game comes out, it promises that you can get most ingredients in any order you wish, instead of having to do everything in a set way.

As you talk to the Badger running the vegetable store, she asks for help in exchange for information, which results in a puzzle game where you have to fit different shapes into a box. As the game is designed so that kids can also play it, the game will offer a hint after an amount of time has passed. This is not automatic, so you can try figuring out the solution without any hints if you choose.

Chilling out at the pond

This will lead you onto a salamander, who offers some mint in exchange for beating him in a race. This is a simple minigame where you have to push directions in a certain order. There’s no fail state, if you get buttons wrong it will just take longer.

Once you win, you can collect the mint from his house, which is where this short but sweet demo ends.

This page is quite cool.

Teacup looks like it will be a cute and charming game. It’s designed for kids, but seems like a high quality game at the same time.

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