Rare Review: Digger T. Rock

No hunt for treasure is without beating up the natives.

A fun puzzle platformer with some nice ideas. Digger T Rock is separated into 8 caverns. In each one, you must locate a pressure switch (which looks like a large pillar) and then rush to the exit point.

You can dig through soft rock with your shovel, find ladders to climb down large holes, and find explosives to blow up certain walls.The levels are fairly small, which makes the trial and error methodology less frustrating, and makes learning how the level works a lot of fun – even when you have to contend with hidden paths you can’t see. You’ll need to find the exit, switch and work out a path between that takes less than 60 seconds. 

Unfortunately, resources are quite limited. Waste too many and you’ll need to start the level again. In some ways, Digger T Rock actually reminds me of Lemmings, except that you have control over an individual lemming. Working out the puzzle of each level is entertaining, and it’s a shame that there’s only 8.

That said, level 8 is a nightmare. There are loads of pillars that look identical to the switch, but only one will work, multiple routes to try that will waste resources. On top of that, there are no ladders or explosives in the level itself. If you haven’t saved enough stuff from previous levels, it will be impossible to finish, and you’ll have to reset the game and start from the beginning – not fun in the slightest. 

With more levels and having the required resources in each level, this could be an extremely fun game. The snippets used in the snapshots were good fun, especially one where you have to make it from switch to door with no damage.

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