Rare Review: Cobra Triangle

It’s like a James Bond action scene.

A speeboard shooting game, Cobra Triangle is possibly the only game in this collection I’ve never seen or read about before, so I was very curious about it.

Cobra Triangle is another Rare game that takes an isometric view, which gives the game a great look and sense of speed. Controls are simple with acceleration and shooting (I really like that Rare Replay added the right trigger for acceleration, meaning your thumb can be entirely focused on shooting), turning is very fluid. The upgrade system is a bit confusing to start with. Each upgrade pack you pick will cycle you through the different types of upgrade, and you press X to use the packs on that upgrade.

The campaign is split across 25 different challenges, of which there are multiple types. There’s a time trial race which has a load of enemy AI for you to blow up, an obstacle course where you have to avoid logs and whirlpools, a shooting gallery where you have to shoot targets as your boat drifts along, one where you protect swimmers, a few bosses and some others.

One I liked in particular (even though these levels are quite difficult) was one where you have to destroy mines. You pick them up by driving over them, and have to drive them to a marked location as the guards pursue you. If they catch you, they’ll take the mine off you and take it back (unless you then drive into them and get it back). I feel like this mode in particular would be an awesome 2 player mode, but unfortunately Cobra Triangle is only singleplayer.

The snapshots were a lot of fun for Cobra Triangle, the final one was difficult until I tried a crazy tactic that ended up working.

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