Rare Review: Conker Live & Reloaded

Conker is The One.

A remake of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, I was curious to see how different they feel. In terms of the crazy plot, rude dialogue and all that, it feels the same. This version does have more censored words, but I didn’t find it impacted much anyway. It’s still clear what is being said, and a lot of swear words in the original were bleeped out anyway. To some, this was the biggest issue with the remake, but I don’t feel like it’s anywhere near as important as some make out.

In terms of improvements, you have the much nicer looking graphics, and the fur effects still look great even today. Everything not only looks more detailed, but the entire world feels more colourful. The controls also feel much more responsive, along with a better camera. For the platformer parts of the game, it’s similar but just nicer to play.

Live & Reloaded has more lenient checkpoints as well, and when you run out of lives, you can simply continue from the most recent checkpoint. This does make lives pointless, but also removes the need to replay some sections for no good reason. I think the lives were mainly left in due to the wonderful Gregg the Grim Reaper, and the “game over” cutscene.

One change that I wasn’t too keen on were the added enemies. I think this would be fine if they were more varied, but entirely all of them are creatures in metal buckets that have spikes that come out. Each one takes five hits, so each time you encounter one you whack it, run backwards and repeat. The haunted section of the game adds some wonderful creepy dolls (although oddly there’s a few randomly in the earlier barn level), so more enemies that fit each area would have been much better.

The later levels – the war and heist sections – were more shooting sections and have been completely overhauled, and play like a pretty good modern 3rd person shooter. This gameplay is the basis for the game’s multiplayer (which can be played split screen and with bots, so you can still try it even though the servers are down).

While it has a few problems, I think that if you want to try out Conker’s Bad Fur Day, pick Live & Reloaded as it’s much nicer to play.

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